$5k, what stocks to buy?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jjw, Jun 27, 2017.

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    If you had to buy stocks worth $5k today, what would you buy?
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    CBI - they've been crushed for months over fears regarding a pending lawsuit that a court dismissed in their favor today....stock up 20% on the news, but not that much when you consider how far it has fallen and that the company is expected to earn $3.50 next year.....if oil can hold this bid, that also be an added tailwind to CBI price.
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  3. I traded it, last year, when it was $26/$27, bought $22.5's, a month ago, which have some value now, and bought Oct. $15's when it was $16, on the 14th. I thought it was crazy oversold as it sold at bankruptcy assumptions. Today, I cashed out my $15's, only for it to continue way higher. Back to $20's if not mid-$20's IMO!
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    For what purpose?
  5. Kiwibox.com Inc (KIWB) - Its on buy-out watch and been in chatter with some big companies - Could be a massssive mover.

    EDIT: Mark my words here ( at .0035). Give it 5 days. Will be huge ;)
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  6. This is a boring question...a sleepy investing-type question.
    But to answer your question...I'd put it all in Amazon and/or Google stock,

    If I were allowed to stray though from the original plan, I would trade/speculate on options instead, o_O
  7. I actually made a decision like this today. I bought Facebook on a mini-dip. Why? Because it is an era-defining/behavior-based stock like Microsoft or Apple (due to the Iphone). Also, if you believe the financial power of most internet stocks comes from ad revenue, then ask yourself these questions: "How much time do my friends spend on Google?" and "How much time do my friends spend on Facebook?"

    OK, now since this is internet forum, queue the anonymous people who will claim they don't use Facebook and won't hang around people who do. Those same people were the last ones to start using Windows or Smart Phones.
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    Blackberry. Hold it for two years, then go buy yourself a Ferrari.:D
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    With $5,000 to spend on stocks I would pick one that matches the initials of your name.
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