$5k to $50k in 3 months

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  1. This thread will document my trades over a 3 month period. I am starting off with an account of $5k and will be strictly swing trading, since I don't have $25k yet. When I get to $25k, I will start daytrading.

    Please post your methods on this thread, and I will trade the good ones.

    My intial method is to buy pullbacks and sell when everyone else is buying. This method exploits the masses and the minority are the beneficiaries. The idiots buy breakouts... don't be an idiot.
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    3k to 30k during 6month

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  4. you should never set a target goal considering you aren't a professional. If not your going to over trade yourself to 0 profit. No offense your goal is a bit outrageous.

    I personally never set goals for myself. I just do what my mind tells me to do. And then let excel calculate my personal statistics.

    Your goal is pretty absurd in todays market no offense. i'd say it was do-able during the financial crisis cause i started with something similar to this but i did it in like a 6 month period. After that. i held my stocks long term until i graduated.

    Going from swing trading to day trading is not something you should take light of. Day-trading is a completely different skill set compared to swing trade. If you experienced playing with simulators/paper stocks for like a year then, i'd say you have a decent shot but don't expect huge profits in such a short duration.

    btw. I would never ever follow someone's else method. Just stick with something that works for you and continue to master your own style of trading. I usually paper trade my different theories before i actually implement them with my own funds.

    One naive trader to another. I've been trading for like 3-4 years and i'd say i was an idiot in college. if 5 years go by i'd probably say the same about my current self.

    Don't set yourself up to delusional fantasies either. A lot of people on ET have them. Get an internship and work your way up. You can't go from squalor to riches in a year.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.