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    I have a home connection but I also want to get a netbook for trading when I am not home

    I am probably only going to use 4 hours of wireless trading time per day for a total of 20 days

    Nothing too major:

    I'll have 2 charts: 60minute and 120minute chart for AudJpy

    Do you guys think that this is enough for my wireless trading needs?

  2. Gcapman


    Also, for the Internet security buffs out there...

    What is the best way to keep me safe from hackers? Any good programs or will something like Macafee keep me safe?

    I'm not the most Internet-safety savvy person so please excuse my question if it is very simple..... :confused:
  3. Yes, it will be enough.

    I also only have a 3g connection , 5 gigs total bandwidth limit.
    Use about 200 megs per day, have the connection on 24/7
    connected to a broker with 3 charts, 20 symbols. , es, ym futures, all inthere.
  4. Why don't you use Remote Desktop from the netbook to your home desktop? It'll speed up your netbook because they aren't made to be laptop replacements nevermind desktop replacements - and remote desktop sessions are encrypted so it will be very hard (or much harder) to hack versus many applications sending plain text messages via standard internet.
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    Remote desktop will suck up his bandwidth because it funnels the constant remote desktop image over the air to his laptop. Better to just use the wireless for connectivity with a local trading program on his laptop and only have data/trades flying over the air. :)

    I was using TOS Desktop on 5GB wifi dongle last month while on travel w/o problems.
  6. Gcapman


    Thanks for all the great insights guys! Really appreciated!

    I'm going to try Verizon out and see if I can stay within the 5GB since I only plan on using it a few hours everyday

    I can always return it within 30 days if it doesn't suit my trading needs or it looks like I'll be exceeding my 5GB limit which according to most people - I shouldn't be going over

    Any tips for Internet security?
  7. rickf


    Trade natively on a Mac. :) (Which is why I like TOS)

    Otherwise, just have good antivirus software, firewall, spyware, and all that good security stuff installed and kept current.
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    Better yet - trade on Linux. Ubuntu has flavors specifically designed to optimize Netbook resources. And if your platform is Java, all the better.
  9. I like Sprint's 4g network which is faster than 3g. There are few 4g areas (which is expanding), but if you're at a 4g area, there are no GB limits. The 5GB limits are imposed if you're in a 3g area. Also, Sprint and Clear.com are allies, and Clear is expanding. I have Clear.

    Where do you travel? If you travel to the same places, you can check if Sprint is in those areas. If so, Sprint is better because of the unlimited bandwidth in the 4g areas.

    Regarding anti-virus, I highly recommend Norton instead of McAfee. I've had both and I can say Norton is better. If you buy it from Amazon Marketplace, you can get it very cheap. I got my 2010 Norton anti-virus for less than $20. You don't need Norton Internet Security, which is $10 more, the anti-virus version is sufficient.
  10. Gcapman


    Just realized that the new gym I joined has Internet access so maybe I won't need to get mobile broadband for the time being...

    Quick question: I can log in my charts and broker online at home and check out the action via my GoToMyPC.com account

    Since I am essentially logged into a secure connection - how difficult would it be for a hacker to steal my passwords - I am clueless regarding this stuff -- so I am hoping that it is almost impossible for a hacker to steal my information via this gotomypc.com account???

    PS: they also have wifi internet access

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