5G Hotspots are now available from AT&T and Verizon

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by birdman, Feb 19, 2019.

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  2. AT&T has a very bad reputation. Do your research before going with them.

    Any company that dissapears for 15 years and then comes back should already give you warning signs as it is...
  3. Well, yes, but AT&T is very old company and I think older than Verizon, that should play it role as well. Even mister Trump have their stocks, I hope he knew what he is doing, so I would try it. But how quality of Verizon and overall anybody tried those 5G ? I yet not tried 4G, but tech already comes before me LOL
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    I live in the countryside and only recently have we been able to get a decent landline internet connection. For the past 2 years i had been trading on a Verizon 4G hotspot, which is comparable to my landline. Neither are fast by in-town standards, but way better than we had before. I like Verizon and still keep it for a back up.

    I think 5G service for areas out in the country, may be years away.

    Dunno if it's true, but i hear that the initial service that ATT is rolling out and calling 5G (some say it's not 5G at all and is slower than 4G).