58% Now Support Repeal Of Health Care Bill.

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  2. There clearly is a political component to how Americans view the economy, in particular in terms of their economic outlook. Democrats, whose party controls the White House and both Houses of Congress, are substantially more optimistic about the economy's direction than are Republicans or independents, and have become more so in recent weeks. Republicans, at odds with the president and the Democratic leadership in Congress, are much less likely to agree that the economy is moving in a positive direction.

    The timing of the improvement in Democrats' views suggests that passage of the healthcare bill may have helped brighten their economic outlook more generally. In addition to healthcare, there are positive economic signs that could reinforce the view that the economy is improving, including recent increases in consumer spending and retail sales, and the government's March jobs report, which showed the largest job growth in nearly three years.

  3. Ah, yes. Rasmussen. Nuff said.
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    You mean Gallup. Enough said. lol
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    lol. Yeah, I love how the Democrats and their anointed leader tell us that the economy is turning the corner, while we continue to have unemployment hovering near 10%!!!! lol Oh, but wait, as those "temporary" census jobs will drastically lower that rate to 9.2, or 9.3%. Then Obama will claim that the unemployment rate is now going to plummet, even though these jobs will only be for a few months. lol Of course, all the libertards will but into this b.s. lol ***Also, included in the March jobs report were the first wave of census hiring. So there goes your biggest job gains in three years theory down the toilet. lol

  6. Because they know if the economy goes south, their political fortunes will go with it. Count on it.
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    Great title ;
    ''58% Now Support Repeal of health Care Bill''

    Its better than that, but plenty of State Dems supported a law like TN 's new Health Care Freedom Act.
    TN law requires the TN Attorney General to defend the right of TN citizens & doctors to chose thier health care............................

    And with the late great[LOL]:D US Rep Wrangel[NY] calling low taxes for a codeword for racism;
    wonder if that makes MR Wrangel a racist in light, of the no pay/under pay of all the taxes he owed.?????????????????????????????:D

    Wow, snared by his own words.
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  9. Good point. Nationwide, democrats are more moderate than some of the cross-eyed radicals that inhabit P&R.

    And I am thankful for it.
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    LMAO! :D :D
    There were times when I thought Gayfly was just playing stupid. Now I realize that he is just plain stupid.
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