578k added to workforce as economy surges

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    Payroll jobs growth topped expectations for October. However, the unemployment rate edged up one tenth in October to 7.9 percent after dropping to 7.8 percent the prior month from 8.1 percent in August.

    Payroll jobs in October increased 171,000, following a gain of 148,000 in September (originally up 114,000) and a boost of 192,000 in August (previous estimate of 142,000). The net revisions for August and September were up 84,000. Analysts projected a 125,000 rise for October.

    Private payrolls increased 184,000 in October after gaining 128,000 the month before. Market expectations were for a 120,000 increase.

    Wage inflation has been a little volatile in recent months but still on a slowing trend. Average hourly earnings were flat in October, following a 0.3 percent jump the month before. The consensus forecast a 0.2 percent rise. The average workweek was unchanged at 34.4 hours in October. Expectations were for 34.5 hours.

    Turning to the household survey, the rise in the unemployment rate reflected a jump in the labor force of 578,000 while household employment rose 410,000. The number of unemployed rebounded 170,000.

    On the news, equity futures rose.
  2. its a giant conspiricy right before the election to help obama win. heard it on cnbc from their resident angry white guy nutter rick santeli. it has to be true.
  3. Somebody has to address this question . . . If they're so smart, why do they keep losing? .:(.
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    The print was 171k, not 578k like your headline indicates. 90k of that was birth death adjustments. Thus far this year, the mystical birth/death adjustment number is 568,000 magical jobs.

    The unemployment rate rose, but managed to mysteriously remain below the magical 8% that would have affected the election. Lucky!
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Why does who keep losing?
  6. You dont know yet that Romney is going to lose the election?
  7. LOL! Now that's some math to get to that number. The facts don't change though. 578K would be a good month in a real recovery. You're pumping the numbers over 3 months and that's still a piss poor performance of "recovery" by any standards. We're flat at best.
  8. I have asked them many times, they do not know.
  9. Flat is good . . . we're out of the 'hole'.
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    You have misunderstood the report.
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