56K Modem Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stockerup, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Does anybody on ET know anything about modems?
    I had to replace mine today-- the old one went out in the middle of the day, left me holding two positions over night, and it looks like I'll have to take a loss tomorrow.
    Anyway, I've got the new modem installed, but I can only get it to connect at 46.6K. The old modem would connect almost always at 50.6 and even at 52K.
    Before you jump on me and tell me to get DSL, I'm too far away from the substation to get it, and cable is not an option either-- we've barely got sunlight where I live.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.:confused:
  2. rs7


    I am the last guy to know about computer hardware. But I do know enough to know if you are using a dial up modem, you have a telephone. And if you have a telephone, you should never be stuck in a position the way you describe.

  3. You'r absolutely right rs7, I made a major mistake; but I think I'll be alright tomorrow. I guess I just panicked and ran out to buy another one and it took a little longer to get it up and running.
  4. gnome


    Likely you're stuck with the slower connect... probably the modem hardware, though you might try one of those modem "tweakers"... (I tried one once. It seemed to download a little faster, but destabilized my system and I removed it.) I have an expensive US Robotics modem and it always connects slower than my $20 cheapie from CompUSA.
  5. tcosync


    The drivers on the installation CD are normally outdated by the time the product is purchased so a driver update from the manufacturer's website may help you.

    ...or simply do a Windows Update to see if an updated driver is present there.
  6. I plan on buying another one over the weekend to see if that helps. I've been told the same thing you just said-- different modems respond at different speeds on the same line. Any suggestions on what to buy?

  7. Thanks, tcosync, I think I'll try that.
  8. gnome


    Picking a modem is "like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get"... (Forrest Gump). My 2 cheapies are Conexant (came installed in my Dell) and ESS. When I buy, I go for the cheapest one after rebate that's on sale at a big computer store. Might be $10 or even free, after rebate.
  9. Thanks for your response, gnome. It looks like I'm still going to buy another one. I downloaded the driver update last night, and I'm still at 46.6K, but at least I'm on line this morning.
  10. igsi


    True. That means you should also try dialing another access number if you have that option. That way you are "replacing" modem on the other end. :)
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