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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by trader88, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. I currently have 2 high speed connections - dsl for order entry (thru IB) and Roadrunner cable for my charting. However, I will be moving in the very near future to an area where only high speed cable is available. My question is: will a regular 56k connection be sufficient for my charting needs. I run 7 charts on my 21" screen plus T & S and 1 Level II. If not what would be my best option considering the situation that I will be in?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    I run RT III, eSignal and several chatrooms on 3 separate computers simultaneously on a single 480K DSL connection. Forget the dialup (except for a backup) and run everything at one time on the cable. You will be fine.
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    Forgot to tell you that between the RT III and eSignal I am displaying about 40 charts on 5 monitors.
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    my experience FWIW....

    i have two connections: 128K ISDN and cable. i use cable for data and ISDN for orders. i have experimented with using ISND for data and this is what i found...

    i can run many (@ 12 or so ) charts along with L2 , T&S etc on ISDN with pretty much the same performance as cable, but only when I am not changing symbols. if i don't change my set-up then ISDN delivers real time data well

    but where i saw a distinct difference was that it took much longer for ISDN to retrieve data for a NEW symbol on a chart, L2, etc.
  5. Mutley & roger2

    Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated.

    Mutley - are you using a router then if you are running 3 computers on 1 line? If so, which router are you using or which one can you recommend?
    A non-techie like me needs all the help I can get.
    :) Thanks again.
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    I have DSL service from Qwest (Colorado Springs) and they supplied a Cisco 675 router (had a lot of Code Red problems but they supplied a software patch which appears to have solved that one - for a while) which is connected to DSL. I use Windows ME networking to feed the 3 CPU's. After some initial trial & error everything works great - simple with no problems. Good Luck