56k connection and real-time data feed.

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    Is 56k connection too slow for daytrading with software that uses real-time data feed? Any experiences? Thanks.
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    Recommended System Requirements Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, XP or NT 4.0 (service pack 3 or higher)
    450 Mhz Pentium II/III or compatible
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    An Internet Service Provider*
    Microsoft Explorer browser version 5.5
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    I agree with what rtstrading said about computer power... though I HIGHLY recommend you not use W98 or Me and use Win2000 or XP Pro instead. However, you might want to try trading with dial-up first. Depending on how tightly you intend to scalp the market (and how well you trade), dial-up speed may not be a significant factor.

    I can't get DSL in my area, so I've been using dial-up satisfactorily for years. But then, I'm not trying to scalp nickles and dimes. :D
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    It depends on your trading style and trading software.

    For RediPlus, you could have 3 montage windows going with a 56K connection and be fine. But if you're trading many stocks and need more montage windows, then you'll have a problem.

    For some packages, you need Cable or DSL, regardless of your style.
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    IB works well with a 56K line as well. However, if you start adding other programs and/or browse the internet while trading, then you should consider upgrading to a faster speed.
  6. I have tested 57.6 vs. DSL connection at my work using two computers side-by-side. When I only track the ES, there is no difference. When I add 100 stocks to the datafeed, the 57.6 modem can start choking.

    Also, in my opinion, the problem with dial-up is more dropped connections while trading. Sometimes you can manage to stay online for days but sometimes it just drops the connection.

    It generally takes me around 2 minutes to get back in operation after a dropped connection at my house, but then you're missing tick data and have to screw around with reloading tick data over a 57.6.

    If you were trading futures and your connection went down in the morning, 2 minutes could seem like an eternity.

    I am very upset because my phone company says we are 1,000 feet or so too far from the switching office. I don't understand it, but if the DSL signals can travel 15,000 feet, what's up with the extra 1,000??
  7. I use 56k dial up. Look at the bid, enter a mkt sell. if you get filled at the bid it's fast enough.
  8. I had a lot of problems when all I had was a 56k. Stalls and lost connections. Im not sure why it would cause you to lose your connection but it did me. I used to lose my connection three or four times in the course of the day. Now I get my data via satellite and all I have on my 56k is IB and I almost never lose my connection. Even when the connection held I had many stalling problems if I tried to use more than a few charts. I was using Realtick at that time.
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    Most of the problems with dropping connections comes from your ISP and the net in general.

    6 months ago I switched to a new ISP. Connectons were quite good, would go days without drop-off. They've become popular and switched their backbone from Qwest to SBC... now, loading pages seems a bit slower + 3 or more drop-offs every day.
  10. I did a search on this topic and found this thread.

    I have a 56K dial up connection and recently I've been getting knocked off 3+ times per day. I've also got a problem with my connection, in that I can't connect at all or I connect at a very slow speed. When everything works right, I connect at 50.6, but today I cannot connect at all, and I've had to switch phone lines to get on at the speed I'm running now, which is 46.6.

    I called my ISP and they told me they were having no problems, and that I should have my phone company do a noise check on my line.

    My question is: does anyone have any experience with this, or maybe you're having a similar problem; can the noise problem be corrected; and is there a possibility it could be my internal modem, and it needs to be replaced?

    Thanks in advance for any help.:confused:
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