55" Samsung Curved Smart 4K TV for Trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robbo, Apr 19, 2020.

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    I currently have 6 19" Dell monitors that are old and need upgrading. I am thinking about buying a 55" Samsung Curved Smart 4K TV to replace the Dell monitors. Is there anything you need to take into account when buying a 4K TV for trading.The measurements on the Samsung website don't show how curved the screen is. Due to the current corona virus lockdown I cant go to a store and view the TV's. My current monitors are positioned about 40" away from where I am seated while trading. I am concerned the curve wont be great enough as the 6 19" monitors are positioned how I like them.
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    Check for proper video drivers and compatibility between the video card and the resolution you want to use.
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  3. Turveyd


    Mates got a samsung 55" curve ( rare like 3D these days I see, dropped out of fashion )

    40"'s so 1Metre away, might not be too bad, sadly can't visit lockdown, more than about 3metres away the curve becomes pointless and annoying I find.

    Toying with Similar, need screen 1.5 metres away where I can focus without glasses, 0.5metres away for my 24" x 2 Screens currently.
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    I currently use an OON. 50" 4K Roku TV from Walmart ($219). Any graphics card these days will power a 4K TV. I use the graphics built into an old i7. The only downside is positioning, as you noted. When I switch to a 39" 4K TV many years ago, it definitely took some getting used to. That said now, I would never get anything less than 50". I have never seen a better monitor than this TV. It is shockingly good.
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    What is the 55" TV resolution?
    I doubt the aspect ratio is 16:9
    the X dimension is big but I doubt the Y dimension is big.
    so ended up your screen size is not that big.

    I use one 42" monitor, and multiple 32" monitors.
    all portrait format, and all flat screen.
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    Wait until you're allowed to go to the store to see them in person or visit a friend that has one.

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  7. kmiklas


    Make sure you get a rock-star video card that supports 4k. Really take your time and pick out a good one.

    You'll thank me when you get frustrated with the markets and want to play Fortnite or COD.
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  8. A few things to consider

    Chroma subsampling 4:4:4 (for clearer text)
    Response time (for faster moving images / gaming etc)
    Bezel size (for aesthetics)
    Brightness/Contrast Ratio (Will you be in a bright or dim room? If its a dark room then get one that produces better blacks for when watching movies or dark charts. If its a bright room then a bright TV that handles reflections is important. Viewing angles not that important for 4K TVs as monitors).

    Be careful of size also, 55" would be too big for most desks and sitting distances. I have 43" and I sit more than a metre away. Any bigger would be uncomfortable.

    To reduce eyestrain turn down the brightness and backlight to 0.

    Most 4K TVs will display in 1080p 60Hz but to take full advantage of the screen real estate you obviously want a video card that supports 4K resolution.

    The TVs software is important also but wasn't a deal breaker for me. LG has better software and remote than Samsung.
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  9. robbo


    Thanks for the replies. Many good points to take into account when deciding what to purchase.
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  10. robbo


    I chatted with Samsung online today and they didn't recommend using the 55" Curved TV for a monitor. They said I would need to connect a laptop or other monitor to my computer and the TV would mirror what was on the laptop/other monitor. As Turveyd pointed out curved TV's are are rare these days and I can only see a few models left by Samsung so this rules out getting a curved TV. I will look for a smaller TV as a non curved TV at 55" will be to big.
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