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    I am a first year Washington University Olin School of Business MBA student. I have been doing paper trading for seven months, and the return of my virtual fund is 54%. The return of my real money investment is 50%. I am looking for an internship now. Please introduce me to your friends who need an intern.


    My homepage:
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    clarify one point:

    The total value you see on the web page is yesterday's value. After 12:00 tonight, you can see the latest total value.

    Today's information:

    Value: $1,544,310.46 NAV: $15.44

    Jun Luo's Fund S&P 500 NASDAQ Dow Jones
    1.64% 0.10% 0.46% 0.14%
  3. It's a good thing I got to you before the "sharks" on this board start moving in...b/c I'll be nice about it. That's great you're up 50 whatever percent in your last year of school paper trading. I did it too, it means nothing. In my Financial Econ class in in school i turned 100k into a 1 mil. buying AOL call options all the way up.
    It means nothing until you scrape together a few grand of your own to open your 1st trading account.
    Real money changes everything...EVERYTHING. You'll starting feeling emotions that you never even knew existed. You'll start doubting yourself like never before when the moment of truth comes. And if I only had the skills to describe what it feels like
    the first time you lose 2k of your own money....in one day. Think you can come back tomorrow after that and continue to "trade" your winning methodology without doubt starting to creep in. Then to nurse that doubt you will start to adjust your system a bit to account for that unexpected market move. And thats only where the ball STARTS rolling downhill.

    And after all happens...now your rent is due.

    Now, if you think you can handle that, PM me. I'll put you in touch with a prop firm that will stake you for 1/2 your profits. If not don't post that garbage again.

    I got in "A" in Financial Econ by the way (which ironically enough hasn't helped me 1 iota either).
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    I am glad at least I got one response. Please read the rules listed on the Marketocracy carefully:

    It's a virtual mutual fund. This means no options, no futures, no mirror, no commodities or mutual funds is permitted. No member may buy into a position that is greater than 25% of the fund value.

    These are just part of the rules. Please click on the url below if you are interested in the rules.


    If you read my homepage carefully, you will know that I have seven years experience in China market, which is more speculate than American Market. I earned my tuition fee from Chinese market for my MBA education here.

    The only thing I lack is the experience to run a large fund. I have to consider whether the order I put will influence the market price. This is also the most I expect to learn from an investment company.

    "To provide as realistic a simulation as possible, the Marketocracy trading engine uses live data feeds from the major stock exchanges, but fills open tickets at a fraction of the total real market volume. This means that orders for small, illiquid stocks can take days or even weeks to fill."

    Although Marketocracy provides a great platform, I still need hand on experience.

    Thanks for your offer, I will contact you soon.
  5. Yeah, sorry, I didn't read that part about no leveraged securities, or max % of account position size. Thats great trading then, congrats.
    Don't mind me, it's late here, I have to get up early and I might have a beer or two at happy hour. :p
    Keep it up. Now if you can post those same results with a market that does not trend for a month and a half straight like we just did, then I'll be really impressed.
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    :) I follow the trend. If the market goes down, I prefer to leave the market. You will only see a flat line. :) But I will try my best to beat the market when the market goes up. I respect those mutual funds who did great jobs during downside.
  7. Come on over and run a mutual fund for all of us.

    Lets see, I didn't look at you homepage because paper trading is all shit, no matter what you think. But based on the value of your account above, 1.5 mill, you must have started with about a million. That is very realistic. Lets see a raise of hands on all the traders here who have started with accounts of a million?

    Sorry man, but no one gives a shit how you did on paper. We all can tear it up on paper. There is no emotion involved. Hell, I am a paper millionaire over and over. I sure am not in real money, which is all that counts.

    If you can actually trade, like you say you did in china, why the hell do you want to work for someone? Scrap some money together and get in the market for real.

    Funny, but my options class was full of people with returns that blew this away. Similar situation, market that won't do anything but go up, just buy anything and pat yourself on back. I actually turned my account into 2 million bucks on paper also, was also very realistic as I started with a million. I thougt I could just tear it up. Then I put some student loan money on the line for real and lost 9000. Worst thing was first real trades I turned 1000 into 5000 on msft and csco calls. So I bought more calls, and more and lost ass. Great timing, the class was in 99, started trading this live first of 2000, lost second qtr 2000. Everybody remember the great timing. I thought I was trend follower also, then thought it was just minor correction so doubled down. before you knew it, I was out some serious cash for a college student, that wasn't mine in the first place.

    Lets just say, papertrading hurt me. Best thing I did was start over, 100 shares at time, and learn hard way. The same thing will happen to you Mr. MBA. It does to all of us.
  8. I once sent a check for my "paper trading profits" to my mortgage company. I even sent extra, figuring to share the wealth.

    For some reason, they were not very amused.
  9. Who wouldn't hire you with an attitude like that? Make sure you say that in the interview.
  10. That is one of the funniest things I have read lately. Thank you for making me laugh!
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