53 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or higher

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Oct 24, 2002.

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  1. Rigel


    "Bring me your finest meats and cheeses"
    Gawd that's funny. :p
    Nork, nork.:p
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  2. Holding on to 13 losing trades going all the way back to last year, including one that is down over 84%??? NOT exactly what I would call huge, big guy. That sounds to me like mrmarket was a trader when he got into those trades, then became an "investor" when they went sour.
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  3. I don't try to time the market...my model only seeks to outperform the market, which is a good long term strategy since the market always has positive returns in the long run. I've been able to outperform the market each year in the last 12 years. So I'm not sure what the basis of your critique is.
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  4. I think an apology is in order. That's going over the top here. Trust me, I have thick skin, but you don't want to piss me off.
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  5. From your photos, I can't tell if your skin is thick or not......
    but it sure is hairy.
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  6. Your jokes are funny when they refer to me. When you speak of others, the humor wanes (significantly).

    As far as hair goes, I can act like a girl and shave my body. I have that choice and choose not to. What's with you wimps today, shaving body hair, plucking your eyebrows, what's next a pedicure?
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  7. Gee, I never even had the thought of acting like a girl, shaving body hair, plucking my eyebrows. To me, that isn't even a choice I would consider.

    Apparently it is something you have given some thought to, contemplated the choice you feel you have.

    Hey, whatever oars your boat big boy.

    Given your transexual mindedness, this might interest you:
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  8. now THAT's funny!
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  9. "i don't try to time the market, I just want to outperform it"

    Um...If the Market lost 75% over the last three years....and you personally lost 40%...is that something to brag about?

    Call me crazy but 100% of nothing is still nothing isn't it? Im just pointing out that it's not very hard to outperform the market right now. ..I personally outperformed the market over the last three years too...but that one last purchase of WCOM in early february really hurts!!! I don't take solace in the fact that i lost less $$ on a percentage basis then the S & P...
    #49     Oct 24, 2002
  10. if i never booked my losers - i'd be up a gajillion $$$
    #50     Oct 24, 2002
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