53 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or higher

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Oct 24, 2002.

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  1. It's pretty simple.

    We get bored on days like this when the floor traders are in charge. We take it out by flaming idiots, shills, shucksters and downright ego-monsters into the mud.

    Anyone who jumps on the board and make ludicrous unsubstantiated claims, or is obviously selling something, or adopts wierd 'multiple personality' strategies (although you are the first 'gay' multiple personality anyone here has seen), will be punished. If not by me, then by others.

    Can your super-duper post graduate brain understand that?
    #171     Jan 28, 2003
  2. Hiya Guys,

    This thread has been sooooo funny. I just came across it today and read it through from start to finish.

    Now MrMarket.

    I have a serious question for you. Why does the opening post that you made in this thread almost exactly match the description on your website??? Clearly you are promoting something. And it is written exactly the same way as the spam mail I used to get posted in my letter box, or my e-mail account (before I switched it elsewhere). Just what kind of a scam are you trying to pull here?

    Anyway, I can't believe that anyone in their right minds would ride their losers the way you are doing.

    Totally astonished

    #172     Jan 28, 2003
  3. Who are you talking to?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BTW, you other funny dudes, well, you are all on IGNORE. (bet "TM" doesn't know how to use that either )

    He/she can't read our posts....we are being ignored...anyway, Ive got to go do my squats on Mr. markets nose and then of course, nude yoga. I can bench press almost 175 now woo-hoo!
    #173     Jan 28, 2003
  4. TGregg


    Mr. Market probably did well today, I'd expect. Hopefully he'll post his new numbers.
    #174     Jan 28, 2003
  5. Babak


    ok guys and gals, I have had it. I'm all for a bit of fun and light hearted humour (its the chit chat forum after all) ....

    ....but this thread is now closed.

    If Mr. Market wants (I would encourage him to do so) he can open a new thread in the "Trading" forum where he can discuss his trading/investing strategy with everyone who is interested.

    I wish I had that great poster/pic that Optional put up a while back that said "Winning an argument on the internet is like winning in the special olympics. You're still retarded."

    Now run along and bump up those pnl's. :)
    #175     Jan 29, 2003
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