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  1. How can I run a scan or study to indicate when the 50ma exp. is practically flat. I use tc2000, esignal and metastock.

    I am looking for a flat line 50 exp. ma.... because I noticed a lot of good breakouts come from such a consolidation...

    Not perfectly flat.. but somewhat visiually flat...

  2. tc2000 has a few good user's groups on yahoo - try asking there, they can probably answer quickly:


    search tc2000
  3. do you mean 50 "period" MA or 50 day MA?
  4. Calculate the slope of a linear regression line through the last few data points of the moving average. A slope close to zero should do the trick.

  5. 50day MA

  6. Do a pinwheel.

    Choose three regression lines of 5 10 and 20 periods.

    It is the kelwest of all for seeing the prebreakout coming up.

    Are you going to the reunion??
  7. Jack.. can you please elaborate on this pinwheel idea... perhaps with some examples...

  8. the pinwheel is made of three lines.

    the longest is the 20 and the shortest is the 5.

    as the time passes they spin either clockwise or counterclock wise.

    you can see the trends coming up by how they are spinning.

    If you have a nontrend they tend to form narrow angles among themselves. When a BO is starting the 5 goes then the 10 then the 20.

    because they are period oriented you can use differnet bar durations and see the action forming by going to shorter and shorter bar durations.

    Here are some examples i am using:
    HOV on the 19th
    SIE on the 21st; ISIL on the 21st;
    KMX on the 22nd; Hov on the 22nd

    A one that will go next week early is ROXI

    A cheapy that is a contrarian and makes tons of money is POSO.

    I think the guy might be trying to learn to anticipate breakouts.

    he is screwed as we all know by the MA thingy but ifhe would use a pinwheel for a while on say, the 30 min chart, he could pick off about 10% every several days.

    To get pre pinwheel BO's you set up a list based on volume. By having this list ready all the time and pinwheels attached to the charts you just sweep in the money all the time.

    I get my pinwheel list off of a IBD related quality search and sort it by increasing volume. The list moves as days go by. the middle goes to the bottom and the bottom jumps to the top when the pinwheel starts to spin.

    It is a little complicated for some people to get it. Suffice to say it is like counting down to launch a rocket.

    To make money you have to anticipate. This is the replacement for predicting.

    the concept is simple.

    If a stock breakoutyou make money.

    so ask what happens before the breakout.

    If you asnwser that, then you have the stock there just waiting for it to go off and breakout.

    I have figured all that out and I have bunches of equations for all the stuff.

    as they invent monitoring stuff i just soup up my equations and apply them to the gizmo that has been thought up.,

    The pin wheel is a sure money maker for beginners.

    You can see my lists above keep tons of money rolling in to the coffers.

    This stuff is an anticipatory thing for support and resistance trading.

    You can see that it is easy to hit 10% every 6 to 8 days just like a clock. I rotate my money streams and limit shares to 100,000 in 20 to 30 dollars stocks. It takes about 20 trades to get in using normal block sizes and not exceeding 10% of trades that day and to get out it takes about 30 trades. My best so far was 17 points net on 28 dollars for 100,000 shares. bio stock it turns out.
  9. how about a picture of a "pinwheel"
  10. Draw three lines of lengths 5 10 and 20.

    Connect their crossover triangle on the price line.

    regression is a maths thing nd the lines always know where to go on a graph.

    If you can get a chart of a stock, use a 30 min bar duration for practice.

    then if your charting software has regression stuff on it, you can fill in the three lines one at a time in different colours say.

    If you can make the effort do charts like the ones you think are going to BO so you will have them on your machine to make money.

    If you do anything post it so we can see if you are in the groove
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