50k trading account profits?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a simple question but i wish all answer it in just few words please.

    If you have a 50k trading account, what do you expect the realistic profits could yield monthly?

    Please answer only based on your own real trading style, knowledge, experience and performance.

    Thank you in advance.

    Happy trading all
  2. use the search function. this type of question has been asked hundreds of times.
  3. don't look at it as your account size vs your projected profits. I trade with a prop firm and I have well over a million in buying power.

    you need to figure out profits or success on an edge per share basis, not account size. A trader with an edge per share .02 is a great trader.


    $20,000 monthly gross on 1,000,000 shares is an edge of .02 per share which is great.

    dont worry about account size
  4. I would not get out of bed if I could not double 50k monthly.

  5. What's it like to be bedridden then? You must be an expert.


    50,000 calories maybe
  6. Yeah? So, you can turn $50K into $205,000,000 in one year? And with that skill, you find the motivation to get out of bed to make 2500 posts here in ET?
  7. He was obviously being sarcastic since the OP's question is irrelevant.
  8. At least 3 to 4%, w/o margin, prop shops, or day trading.
  9. Could you explain why my question is irrelevant?. I think this would be much better than the sarcastic tone.
  10. interesting poll

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