50k to 500K in 10 (ten) trades

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  1. trade no I coming. Position trading so not too many posts.

    Have 70 % of 3 to 1 win rate but with small bets - doesnt count. Real money, real trades. Need to break psychological size bareer.
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    My Advice, SIZE IN and OUT, helps with the barrier.
  3. Jokepie, thanks for advice. Not sure how to stage in in pieces though. Was thinking about options as well. Once I get signal have to go in I guess all at once some distance from the price at which red light started flashing, based on stat from past trades, and set a stop.

    As trades are in major markets size of bet is not issue. Increasing size with profits only of course. Plan to enter all at once and then exit bit by bit. That does wonders for my thinking while in trade. Plan to have 10 lots. Last trade was in AUD banks catching last bottom but bet was small then closed and decided i am ready to get into serious sizes.

    Size affects thinking for my style of trading, not sure whether for better or worse. I will attempt to repeat win ratio 7:3 and win equal 3 loss 1 under pressure.

    50 k split in 10 pieces. Each win, all winnings will be invested in next trade. Then if win, rebase back to 10 pieces.

    there is 50% chances I will multiply by 10 if I can repeat stressfree ratios.
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    Is this with real money? How often do you get a signal? I would be impressed with 50K to 100K in ten trades. That's a 100% return. Why be greedy since pigs get slaughtered?
  5. I need motivation to be precise when getting signal and when in the trade, thats why such an agressive scale. Not sure though it will turn taht way. The only way is to try :)

    For the record this is trade i abandoned - relatively small position, mentioned in earlier post as decided it is time to do it for real.
    I expect 10-15 trades a year. Real money.
  6. After 87 crash, recession started in au around may 90 including collapsed housing, this is 2.5 years after. Now is march so about there. Stimuluses runnig out, also similar pattern. Market is full of hope and denial. Shorts gave up.

    Covered bonds scared sh*t out of bank shortsellers, responsible for last bank rally, demonstrating power of banks over governmnet to any potential shortseller. Bank executives having brainstorming sessions how to prolong period of large bonuses. Economic logic out of window.

    AUDUSD stopped couple of times around 1.0200. USDCAD on major support 0.9700.

    So, time to short risk.

    Will short AUD, CAD as CAD similar footprint using TA unless AUD breaks 1.0200 or/and CAD moves below 0.9700.

    Total stoploss budget 5k.
  7. Your approach is in my skill set. I am confined to grinding it out daily. I'm happy to double my money in a year with hundreds of trades.

    Good luck. I'll watch with great interest.
  8. Entered initial position usdcad at 9683. Discriminated against audusd - ignored it - and paying price.

    Will rethink selection. Probably equal share.

    If trade turns my way will look to enter full position. Would like to see it going above 98 and some more weakness in markets before.
  9. You can do it by either:

    1- Pure luck
    2-pure science/art

    Make sure you have one of them.


  10. took a bit of a profit. still 10 /11 initial position in. Plan to reinvest at some time on second buy signal. Next target 0.9850. If it gets there will start looking for reentry.

    HC, i cant really trade intraday as i work. Hope you got some p on my call. I am a bit angry as did not enter sell order for adus. I like trading with mobile :)

    mcgene, this journal is about me showing to myself I am not making things up and exposing my orders. Too easy to forget bad calls. Concept of science is a bit outdated in my view. Reached used by date.
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