$50K invested in 2009 = $10B in 2014

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  1. There used to be problem cashing out with mtgox (bitcoin's primary exchange) - a shady basement shop. They will hold your wires for months after you sell it for fiat and try to wire out.

    But that problem has largely been solved now with coinbase.com at least for US. They are 100% legit and uses normal ach to link to your bank account. All my wires were done within the stated 2-3 days. Have bought and sold dozens of coins on there so far without issue. Only thing is when buying btc they will require a week or so holding period before give you the btc to ensure the fund is cleared since once btc is sent it can never be recovered. I am ok with that.

    Never ever use mtgox other than as a price check.
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  2. Nope.

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  3. Everytime someone says tulip bulbs, I'm like...

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