$50K invested in 2009 = $10B in 2014

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  1. cool story but only way people will hold till now if bought <$1 is if they forgot about it like this guy.

    No sane person would hold this lottery ticket(back then it was just that..a lottery ticket) and not cash in when btc went from $1 to $10 then $100 then $1000.

    Just not human nature no matter what you say how disciplined you are.

    There is a reason there arent so many bitcoin millionaries after the thing went up 1000X in ~3 years.
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  2. I still say, "hogwash", "fools gold". The entire rationale for "bitcoin as a currency" is illogical to any thinking person.

    There is little behind bitcoin other than the exuberance of some ignorant, hopeful speculators willing to pay up "just because the price is rising" and they don't want to miss out.

    We'll see.

    Your prior posts suggest you smarter than to get sucked-into the bitcoin irrationality.
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  3. WOW. You are super bullish to say the least. You should change your handle to Mr. Bitcoin.

    How much did you invest in Bitcoin and how much is it worth now?
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  4. JB3


    Bitcoin is stupid. That is all. Carry on.
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  5. :p
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  6. Here is my wallet address...take a look for yourself. :p

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  7. You wish.
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  8. Damn right I wish! :)
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  9. I've been hearing all of these success stories of people making large sums of money from bitcoin trades, but has anyone actually cashed out their earnings? I'm curious to see if liquidity is available.
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  10. the tulip bubble lasted 20 years
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