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    I am three years old - I have 50K and I want to turn 50K into 50000K. I want to do this flipping coins - do you guys think this is possible, and if so, can all the 200K + traders only reply with all their strategies in detail - Also, do you think that turning 50K into 50000K can be done and still be able to get up and take a leak during trading? I heard that 200K+/ year traders just DON'T DO IT.

    Oh, I want to do this before my sixth birthday, but I guess in retrospect, I should just shoot for 5000K at that point.


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    Dear Nitro,

    Well son, I think that you are being a little hallucigenic. Look, of course it's _POSSIBLE_, but do you really think it is probable?

    Not trying to be negative or anything, just that MSFT is sooooo much easier to paper trade then the e-minis with real money.

    Hey, good luck anyway and let us know when you get there!

  3. That's a no brainer, you're still in diapers.
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    I know of a riddle that may be of some assistance :D
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    nitro :mad:
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    Commisso [May I call you Commisso instead of Publias? Keeping track of TradeRX, Protrader1, FasterPussycat, SuperEgo, 2xWorldChampion and the 11558 other aliases has already confused the hell out of me.]

    What was I gonna say? Ah, who cares, it's all about making 500000K - ah you know!

  7. Possible? You Bet!

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    Excuse me sir, but if you are gonna respond in this sarcastic manner in BOTH of my threads, the least you can do is not just copy and paste the damn thing. RETYPE it like a man...

    the nerve

  9. Nitro,

    Of course it's possible, particularly at your age. Tiger Woods started playing Golf at three, and look at him now, he's making more than a million a week. Remember, a three year olds brain absorbs about ten times more information than an adults. You could become the worlds first supertrader. Like those kids in Russia that start training for the Olympics at three. As long as you've got a good trader teaching you, you should be pulling the big coin before your seventh birthday. That gives you about a 14 year window to build your bank, and retire will 5mil when you're old enough to really enjoy it at 21. May the force be with you.