50K into 50000000K

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    For those that thought I wasn't being ambitious enough, I thought I should give you a chance to respond here. I know I am gonna get slammed for this, but you gotta dream, and all success start with a dream, so come on, give me your best shot.

    Thanks again, and no negative responses please,

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    You complete idiot - what the F___k does sigh mean? Do you think you should waste my time by answering with meaningless radio niose or whatever?

    Look, I asked a real question, and it demands a real answer.

    So either start answering with something worthwhile, or stop messing with my thread.

    Let's keep this thread purposeful people...

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    I predict this thread will reach 50K pages.

  5. Nitro,

    You have really out done yourself...

    Im laughing so hard im gonna pee!!!!!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Seriously, you made a 1K today trading IBM - wtf do you think these pussies in here think - pffft - 50K into 500000K trading IBM is a PIECE OF CAKE! The e-minis aren't even that much harder?

    thanks for a POSITIVE response - I really don't know what is happening to the state of these boards - seeing all the negativism that is?

    nitro :confused:
  7. more like 50000000k into 50k. there thats much better. is that what you meant to say.
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  9. Possible? Of course!

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    OK, retyped, satisfied????
  10. lol..hmm
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