501kg deadlift attempt live 5pm UK time this saturday

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    Hafthor Bjornsson hopefully will even try a little heavier, we´ll see.

    Follow live on ESPN, @roguefitness youtube channel or @thorbjornsson twitch account.

    Best of luck to the huge boy !
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  2. Nobert


    Saw how another one, recently tried and failed.

    It must be an attempt for real, since the current holder of the record, ,,The Beast'', had to spend 3 weeks (or 3 months ?) in recovery after that, thus, one wouldn't do those attempts on a usual days, ,,for fun'', to get hospitalized.

    Best of luck tho.
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  3. luisHK


    Yes very serious attempt, Thor has been lifting close to that weight a few times during the last 18months, including very recently while preparing to this new attempt. He missed 501 on an elephant bar and without a suit last year in the middle of the Arnold Strongman classic, while having to compete in several events over the same week end.
    This time he will only have to deadlift plus will be allowed using a suit. It should work.

    Hope he actually tries a little more but that might be a lot to ask if he first has to lift 501.
    Exciting to see some heavy lifting during the lockdown anyway. Haven´t touched a weight in 7 weeks here, only kicking and punching :(

    Below are the 2 previous failed attempts, Makarov is not too far either :

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    link to livestream :

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    Guess 502 next.

    The irony is, that although people broken the 1 mile in 4 mins record, multiple times, everyone still remembers - Roger Bannister.

    You can hit em weights in home, few dumbbells, a bar for pull ups, pushups etc.
    Damn Covi, my local shop for supplements, run out of proteins.

    What about your results (do you go pro level), or simply staying active ?
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  6. luisHK


    Yes, Eddie Hall beat the record by around 30kg from memory and was the first one to pull 500kgs, that seems more memorable.
    He s been acting like a total dick lately when talking about Thor's attempt. As he d been also posting videos of him boxing I'd anticipated him challenge Thor to a fight but not that Thor had already signed a 7 figures contract for it as he announced it today.
    Them trading insults lately now looks like a marketing plot.
    Thor looked insanely bloated today, much more than in recent videos and he weighed in at 205kgs. That usually comes from drugs which are good for short explosive exercises but terrible for cardio. Let s see how his training evolves for a fight and more details about this.
    If it s under boxing rules it doesn t sound so exciting, for those who care, famous strongman/powerlifter/weightlifter Koklaiev who had been training boxing for a while challenged Aleksander Emelianenko a few months ago to a boxing bout and it turned into a total diisaster. Emelianenko even tried to cheer him up so he wouldn t lose after a few seconds, but the fight was over anyway in the first round

    Saw a clip today of Thor in a ring and it didn t loook good, he was agressive but very awkward and gassed out in way less than 1 round
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    About home training, with weights I m more a fan of very short reps so little interest in DBs, plus just had started getting into MMa and back into Muay Thai with Junior when the lockdown was started. As we managed to keep on having private classes with the coach at home I ve only focused on fighting sports that time. Knees didn t like it so much and the doctor reckons I've managed to tear another meniscus.so not many of those left.. Good news is many people manage pretty well life with meniscus torn in 2.
    Mid 40s here and never been particularly good at sports, so trying to have fun and hopefully make athletes of the kids - plus to be honest keep on telling folks who now happen to be much younger than me to fuck off to their face when bad mood comes... but it s hard to keep up with young dudes at the gym.
    Yet it sure would be sweet to have a power rack at home in those confined times. Might even still have that right meniscus in 1 piece.
    Have they reopen the gyms in Vilnius ? Many northern and eastern european countries seem way past strict lockdowns.
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  8. Nobert


    Last time i saw, 4 days ago, it was still on the lock down, but 70% of the bis is already working, so probably it's a matter of days.
    Yup, that's what i mean. That 1 kg... It's more like , - ,,No worries, i can do that as well.'' And it looks as if he could have gone for 510.

    The fight between them, must be 100% legit marketing. Nothing to compare with pros, but still curious of the outcome.

    I saw them on one interview, where Alexander or bully, threw away the hat, have forgotten as well. (The Alexander and strongman)
    That was a disaster for the strongman. Damn, people don't learn.
    It puts one right away into disadvantage. A weightlifter coming into martial arts (and aged one). Like Conor vs Mayweather.
    Martials artists don't go for beating 500 kilos.

    I guess Fedor in his prime (even now), would haven smashed that strongman so bad, that he would have needed a face repair or something.:rolleyes: (with wresting/sambo allowed)

    Yup, having stuff at home, definitely helps, or - going out close in home proximity , e.g i do these, one can have a full upper body training.
    (100-150 pull ups, + 100-150 pushups - more than enough)


    I look at it from different perspective now. Use to exercise like madman (2 million reps since 2006), now i do less, but more accurate with more... Proteins.

    Probably it's not about being in the super-duper shape till you 50 and then all of the joints falls apart, but about staying active and in a great shape as well, till the dying day.
    Beside, no point in hurting that quantum pc on the shoulders, since our business is tough on intelligence.

    Heres, few role models -
    Man was 70 or something, when the pic was taken :


    Thus, i think for us (30 y/o in the summer myself), we should focus on staying active/in a great shape till we 80/90 and not ending like Ronie :


    If martial arts, maybe jujitsu then ? Since 70%-80% fights in the street/to defend oneself, ends up in wrestling.

    Jocko Willink is a beast, when it comes to that :


    Man can do 60-70 pullups in his 50-ies.

    120 kg, 183 cm or something. Exercising with 20 kg vest on, each day from 3:30 am.
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  9. I really enjoyed the stream of this event. It was great to have something to watch.

    He completely crushed it. I was worried the way they were talking about hitching being ok it was going to be a let down. With straps being legal that lift was 100% unquestionable.

    I think the problem with future attempts is you probably have to do halotestin on top of all the other harsh gear in order to do this. I am sure his liver needs a break right now.

    Powerlifters and strongmen fighting is the worst. Stay in your lane.
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  10. luisHK


    The Emelianenko/Koklaiev interview was nuts, how do you manage to cut someone´s face throwing a cap ? Talk about an attempt to intimidate going wrong !

    Congrats on the daily pull ups, that´s a lot.I´ve never been great at those, but calisthenics do look healthier than powerlifting.
    I´ll check more on Jocko Willing, if he can do 60+ pull ups at a time looking pretty jacked plus at 50 y o + that´s sure exceptional
    About Stallone and even Schwarzenegger, those guys are a bright light to many lifters, they seem to have been juicing their whole life and yet managed to reach their 70s alive and looking good.

    About Jiu Jutsu, the plan was to add some classes at the gym once conditioning got better, but my experience coming into a MMA gym from a powerlifting training at 110+kgs for 1m79, with some stand up fighting experience but none grappling, is the transition to grappling is atrocious.
    I could get hit about as much a the next guy but the floor was a torture, getting out of breath and panicking very fast, especially with someone on top. Helped me understand why top fighters in open weight divisions are not necessarily massive.
    Sucks a bit that training at home, we have decent kickboxing equipment and mostly stick to it. Coach has the the same age and doesn´t mind grappling on wooden floor, but that requires some experience...
    Anyway haven´t been in a fight in many years, I guess living in Northern Europe it´s different as people are bigger, but in Spain or Southern China, people will be usually tone done when facing someone jacked. Can´t say I get into arguments often either, Madrid is probably the least agressive place I´ve lived in, if you don´t count the police jumping on people for strolling outside recently - but noticed the police presence was far fgrom discreet even before the epidemic.
    Gyms will soon open here btw, with restrictions, but contact sports seem to still be excluded.

    Yeah, I´d be curious to see what Thor was on, some people post what they claim to know top powerlifters cycle with and add leading up to a comp, but hard to know how reliable is the information.
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