500k with 50% return

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  1. So I guess the best thing to do would be take my time and go slow learning the art of this craft.

    I am not looking for instant super wealth overnight. Simply a way to grow my wealth over a period of time.

    So it sounds like I need to focus on learning one good system with strict money management skills. And then start to learn other methods of investing and then get good at enough of them to change it up when I have to.
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  2. Shhh, I don't want this to get around... Take the 500-large and buy 16,000 GOOG Sep 430 calls. I will personally guarantee you see a double by expiration. Remember, don't let this get out.
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  3. Well you are saying all the correct things and it sounds good.

    But learning to be a Mozart or Picasso is another thing.

    It seems to me that you are an investor (not a trader) and can spend you time more wisely on other pursuits...I would say trading is a "calling".

    Let your passion be the guide and I hope I am wrong.

    Michael B.

    P.S. By the way, Welcome to ET.

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  4. fwiw... if I could take $1,000 to $500,000 in a year thru any business vehicle, repeating that exact-same process would be my primary focus.

    <b>LuckyP</b>, unless that window of opportunity is / will shut for you, sticking with what already works is by far your best application of cash. If the opportunity has since passed, learning to trade is a game of patience on all fronts.
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  5. Is a calling when you are drawn to investing in the stock market when you are 14. You even go out and spend your yard mowing money to buy a value investing stock market book. Then you get home and your dad tells you that it's impossible and that I am wasting my time and will never amount to anything by investing. Then 11 years later I still have the book and end up realizing that he is an idiot and end up going down that road anyways.

    See you can learn to paint, you can learn to build a house or learn any skill possible. You can even spend your whole life perfecting it. However if you spend enough time and are patient enough to learn this skill. You will be able to multiply your wealth over and over. It is literally a license to print 100 dollar bills.
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  6. No need to argue. I don't like to get involved with trolls. How the $500k was obtained is completely immaterial, yet you seem to make it an issue. Have a nice day.
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  7. How did you know?

    Want to wrestle!

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  8. I was wrong ....

    Good Trading to you...Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing :)

    Thanks for your time.

    Michael B.

    P.S. How would you define investing? would you make a comparison to "trading"...

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  9. Well. I am 25 with a very open mind. I am willing to go short or long as long as I have a good plan and know what I am doing. I am learning about filling the gap right now.

    I have someone around here who does only long term value investing and does pretty well, but he has no plan for a bear market. He just holds and takes his beating. I have learned all I can from him about finding under valued companies based on their fundamentals.

    Thanks for all the help and your time.
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  10. After about 5 years real trading experience and after reading all the right books and material you should be able to make 50% per annum (on average) on a relatively small account (Million or less). In my experience, higher returns 50-100% are easier on smaller account, once you start getting into many millions it becomes a lot harder because you are limited to what you can play.
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