500k with 50% return

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  1. <i>"I call BULLSH*T! Never been documented over 10 years."</i>

    I guess the question is, what are we trying to document? I have personal friends who average +100% annual profits in trading, or more. They have six-figure accounts, do not risk wild-a** amounts of capital per trade or anything such.

    When it comes to trading $millions, that is different. More money = less ability to apply it deftly. Second, most money managers trade well below what sensible retail traders consider minimally acceptable risk.

    If/when I manage money, there would be a real difference between how many contracts per $$ traded in a managed account versus personal account. If I managed several million dollars, that would totally change the style of trading I prefer right now... couldn't do it, would have to modify my ideal approach.


    So... if the basis of blended performance measure is CTAs and hedge funds, that is different than some individual trading $500k in a moderately conservative style. Whether 50% annual is sustainable for ten years or more is debatable, but I know traders who do that and more. Sometimes 75% annual to them means +160%, +85%, +30%, +30% and +70%

    Believe it or not, there really are independent traders out there who make significant amounts of money on a consistent basis. The number may be few, but they exist. The topci of this thread questioned how to achieve what it is that this group currently does. My response was such that it takes experience = skill to do so.

    Hope this helps!
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  2. After seeing the numbers you have seen...You can expect 20% a year to blow your dress up in trading...

    I suggest you avoid risk at all costs at this stage your are at.

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  3. OK... seeing as you're entirely FOS I recommend investing in a bottle of phenobarbital and a bottle of 100-proof scotch. To be taken concurrently and in their entirety.

    Here you go, Turd. Invest $450k in tbills and the remaining $50k in your MLM, Amway scheme. Your next $25mm is just around the corner!

    Don't tell me you spent $1,000 on a HK USP 45 and robbed your local Chase branch.
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  4. pattersb

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    What type of business? And do you franchise?
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  5. Good question. I'm in.

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  6. Internet based company so my profit is huge and overhead is low and requires 40 hours a week split between 2 people to run.

    I don't franchise and don't plan to.

    My real love is outside the box business ideas and developing the idea into something that can make lots of money. I guess I just need to have someone like google hire me and pay me big bucks for coming up with all sorts of new innovative businesses with huge growth potential.
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  7. What's the name of the business? Domain will suffice.
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  8. I would rather not give it. I don't really want people trying to duplicate me.

    That being said back on topic. 20% on that kind of money is a modest return and something to hang your head high on.

    So does anyone else think you can get more with some dedication and work learning the markets?
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  9. Sorry I did not see that. I am not going to argue with you if I did make it or didn't. I don't need to :D

    I was simply trying to explain my situation.
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  10. Remember ask for CONSISTENT returns. It has been my experience a trader must adjust his style and ADAPT & CHANGE to the market. So these attributes are discretionary that you are seeking and more of an art form.

    It has been my experience that higher risk comes with higher yields.

    Michael B.

    P.S. There are a few posters in your thread, that can achieve what you are asking, but I will not call them out :)

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