500k with 50% return

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by LuckyPimp, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Ok well with all that being said. Lets talk about what kinds of results could be archived and by what style of trading you would use.

    The time I have spent trading is limited, however over the last year I have spent lots of time training myself in Fundamental's and Technical.

    Next up for me to learn is about the economy's roll in everything.

    I have managed to compile this 500k in less then 1 year of business that I started with 1,000 in my pocket.

    So I guess if you want it bad enough you can do it. As Warren Buffet said "There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult."
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  2. Invest back in your business! Looks like you found your Holy Grail, what more do you want??????????????????....1k to 500k in LESS than a year sheeesh...

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  3. Already did, 800k worth.
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  4. So what are you looking for? Diversification? or do you just get bored?

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  5. gnome


    Are piss'n contests allowed on ET?
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  6. wow 1000 to 500k in a year. i guess the "pimp" business is good.
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  7. Well sheesh...he made 500k out of 1k IN UNDER A YEAR...I could not stand it! I do not think anybody here can beat that...

    Conservatively speaking I would need start capital of 2.5 million to make 500k in one year. If I had a good year I would need maybe half of that!!!!

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  8. Let's see the cancelled checks. =) This site is beyond absurd.
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    Sounds like someone who loaded up on cheap-ass Google calls and got away with it.... seen it a gazillion times, means nothing in the long term.... unless he quits with the money!

    NOBODY has won until he "quits with the money"... just like the Big Hold 'Em Game In The Sky.
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  10. My business had nothing to do with any stock market.

    I guess I should also say that right now I have it in Muni's for the short term since my taxes are 35%

    I am not trying to turn this into a pissing contest, I just wanted some honest advice on what I should be spending my energy on. What I lack in experience can be greatly enhanced by sound advice. Thats how I got where I am now.
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