500k with 50% return

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  1. If you had 500k to invest, what would be the best way to grow that consistently with a 50% compounding annual return over a 5 year period?

    Also what is some good software for intraday back testing strategies to test the theory on?

    I prefer to be in and out of the market. Buy and holding for years does not appeal to me.

    I see alot of those "turn 1,000 into 1,000,000 in 30 days" posts and figure this would be a little more to work with.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. there's sure a way to do it...u gotta become really good at it, study the mkt and get at least 5yrs experience [am very conservative here], once u see u become consistent in your pics [assumin' u didn't bump into ladyluck] then u got it...that's it.

    good luck and come back in 5-10yrs to tell us how things worked.
  3. Sure-fire method, although it's for a consistent 100% return, not 50%. I hope that's okay:

    First, change all your money into five-dollar bills. (This only works with five-dollar bills AFAIK.) Then, eat your money. Wait. When you pass the five-dollar bills, you will find that they all turned into ten-dollar bills while inside you! :eek:

    As for software to "back test" this strategy, I'm not sure that's all that wise. If the drawdown is too much for you to take, just sip some Pepto-Bismol and call your proctolo... I mean, broker.
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    oh my god you guys are so funny

    I had to laugh out loud here

    the guy comes in saying I want to turn 500 k into 750 k without knowing anything about market

    oh the brokers just love that type

    listen threat starter, take words of Bitstream and frame it and put it on a wall,

    I think I just gave you a really good advice
  5. How many professionals are able to bank 50% for 5 years?

    Answer: Not many.

    It is possible, but it is not as easy as running a backtest and plugging in the ATM machine in the receptical behind the sofa.

    To accomplish this, you would need to be one luckypimp.

    Michael B.

  6. Running drugs. Just save $50k for the lawyer if you caught.

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  8. All kidding aside, though, I do have a serious question about this post.

    Suppose somebody was able to make 50% annual returns consistently, year after year after year (ignoring the fact that even the greatest investors and traders in history didn't) - and supposing (even more unlikely) that this all-time superstar investor would be willing to share his or her secrets with strangers on a public message board.

    If this super 50% a year method was a buy-and-hold strategy, how could the anyone rationally discount it because of that fact? Isn't the real "appeal" making money, and not so much how the money is made?

    I guess, as long as people are out looking for the quick miracle solution, markets will always be speculative, there will always be the irrational component, and so there will always be opportunities to make money trading :cool:
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    Talk about a shitty return...
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    open a whorehouse and franchise it .

    beware the competition is literally killer
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