500k calls on PCU

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  1. while stock volume was < 2m , that's the highest I ever saw
  2. Sorry I mean to trade 5.... I must have hit the double 00 button a few times before I hit send...
  3. lol , OC , a good one.
  4. Mostly sold. Only 39% of the 121k May 100s were bought on the ask. 30% of the June 75, 80, 85s were bought on the ask.
  5. what SW shows this info ?
  6. Why don't all those call buyers and sellers take their liquidity to the copper options on the COMEX? Volume and OI are pathetic.

    That way I can exit my call spread(instead of waiting til june 27 expiry) without being hate fucked on the b/a spread.:(
  7. It is my own Java application built in DTN's IQFeed.

    It still needs some work on the "OddFinder", but here's a screenshot.


    Bull% = % of trades occuring at the ask
    Bull Pwr = Contracts * Bullishness (0.0-1.0)
    Volume = Volume / OpenInterest
    Bear % and Pwr are obvious
    Total Pwr = Bull Power - Bear Power
    $ Power = Dollar value of flowing in or out of this contract

    Bullishness the percent "bullish" the trade was. 100% if traded at the ask, 50% if traded at the midpoint, 0% if traded at the bid.

  8. that what I thought , nice... I was thinking to collect this info ones (I know , not so easy) . Are you making money by tracking sells/buys ?
  9. I run it over a watchlist of about 100 stocks every day and sort by Total Power. The oddities will completely jump off the page. If the Volume/OI was very high, the bull power high, and the dollar value significant, I'll take real interest.

    I always confirm the technical chart makes sense, but generally these work pretty well.
  10. wow , looks excellent !
    But how do you know if transaction was "To Open" or "To Close"? That's what stopped me of doing this project.
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