500000 Iphones times $500ea = $250,000,000 -- So Why Is AAPL Down?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stylark3, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. stylark3


    Ok, so there are some AT&T service problems....so what!

    Look at the Sales Revenue in just 2 days -- This alone should have translated into a much higher opening on Wall Street today!

    So what gives?

    I demand an Sec Investigation! :mad:
  2. You've got a lot to learn about playing the game...grasshopper!

    Save your money, stop trading until you've got this thing dialed in.
  3. If the market was that easy, everyone would be a multi-millionaire in the markets. Perhaps the service issues are a bigger impact than you think... In the end, the market is always right. :D
  4. KS96


    yeah right... this should be it :D :D
  5. only down a little

    just taking a breather
  6. perhaps the iphone sales were already incorporated into the price of the stock. Buy the rumor sell the news.
  7. stylark3


    Sorry Dude,

    But, I have 20 years of trading experience.

    If I don't have this thing 'Dialed In', as you put it, by now I wouldn't still be in the game.

    You don't have to have excessive volume one way or the other for there to be a gap up in price at the open.

    Apparently, the market makers are erroneously keeping a lid on things right now which translate to price manipulation.
  8. KS96


    :D :D :D The theater of the absurd continues...

    I vote for this SEC investigation thinie..
  9. da-net


    it is only down a little and the day is not over yet. plus there may be a little more to it than that. take a look at the followimg thread. there has been a decent discussion


    you might want to look at other news stories as they could be an influence



    there is some other possibly good news:

  10. Isn't $500 the retail price? Apple doesn't get $500 a phone, rocket boy!
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