5000 views in 2 hours (Do not Reply. Do not Ban)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, May 31, 2011.

  1. Bearice statements are receiving high viewership in other forums (5000 views in 2 hours) and also worldwide people are reading my statements. I have promoted elitetrader in other forums and I was banned for promoting elitetrader.

    If members and viewers think Bearice threads and posts are useless they will stop replying to his threads and put him on ignore. Understandably Bearice will get angry and he will leave elitetrader.

    But Bearice threads and posts (majority in economics) receive high viewership (confirmed by moderator). So Bearice is further encouraged to post in economics section. But moderator "Joe" has banned Bearice from economics section. what is this?

    If Bearice leaves elitetrader that will be the end of elitetrader forever. Elitetrader does not feed Bearice but Bearice feeds elitetrader. This is my final warning to Baron. make your own decision. I am tired of posting again and again "please do not ban me".

    Bearice is not an idiot who will waste his precious time and health posting in elitetrader when nobody reads and supports his statements.

    Why is Bearice banned from economics and others sections and only allowed to post in P&R and Chit Chat?
  2. Because you make up half your stories out of your own head and back it up with facts that you calculate in your own head. Like saying the world GDP is higher than 70 trillion because forex trades 3 trillion dollars per day and then multiplying that by 365 and telling us the world economy is really 1 quadrillion dollars.

    THATS why you are banned. Its ok to make an honest mistake every once in a while, but your facts are almost always wrong and miscalculated. Even if your topic is legitimate, its always backed by misguided facts that you thought up.
  3. :eek:
  4. Lucrum


    Well in that case I'll take a double bacon cheeseburger and a large vanilla shake.
  5. Bearice feeds the world's richest man and he does not feed Bearice. I hope everybody understood what I mean.
  6. What about the thread "Biggest Fraud/scam in human history" started by Bearice in economics? The whole world is reading elitetrader because of this thread.
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    Why does Bearice refer to itself in 3rd person.
  8. Why does Bearice refer to itself in 3rd person.

    Because he can!

    Bearice is like a demented real-life Macho Man Randy Savage (on the internet, that is).

    Macho Man never journeyed out of 3rd person self referencing.

    Bearice does not either.

    Keep the flow B-man.


    I want what B-man is drinking/smoking/shooting up; tonight!