$5000 to 0 in 2 days!

Discussion in 'Journals' started by CJMan, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. CJMan


    I'm going to start trading the ES with a $5000 account and show everyone how easy it is to hit zero.

    I could blow the account out in one day but I don't want to be a show off.

  2. CJMan


    I'm allowed one car per $500 so I could go all in with 10 contracts but I don't want to be reckless so I will only trade 9 cars per trade.
  3. could be an interesting experiment. See if its easier to lose money than to make it.

    But there could be a rule that like, when you are making a certain amount of money, you have to take the profit and then move on to the next trade.

    You might try and lose moneey but keep making it insead.
  4. There is a job for you in D.C. Your government needs you.:eek: :eek: You'll fit right in.
  5. CJMan


    There's a former bond pit trader that runs a MP chat trading room that has a good story.

    Early in his career he was just about at the end of his rope in regards to his account. One day he decided to do everything opposite of what his mind told him ala Seinfeld The Opposite. He made money that day and saved his career as a trader.

    He ended up being pretty successful and supposedly was a millionaire by the time he quit pit trading.
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    BO's crew saw this post and contacted me. I have an interview next week in DC, wish me luck!
  7. Hey...You mind buying me an iphone before you blow that money?
  8. come on ... this is a joke right?

    because done the right way you could multiply that 5K up to

    ONE HUNDRED TIMES in a few yrs

    using "DEJA VU"


  9. dve250


    I always thought if someone would write a trading platform to do the opposite of your trades it would be a great trading tool for futures traders.
  10. CJMan


    Sure, PM me your addy. I hope you don't mind a used phone bought off craiglist.
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