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    lets say hypothetically speaking you have five-hundred dollars laying around, and you want to take a shot in the dark with it... so your choices are take five-hundred dollars and buy an entire roll of win for lifes and scratch all two-hundred and fifty of them, and hope for a grand+ hit or take five-hundred dollars and play mega millions/regular lotto with quick pick and get five-hundred tickets???
  2. Just give the 500 to me.

    You have a much better chance that I will invest them, make god knows how much money, and possibly give some to you, because of my concience


    Or buy a bunch of penny stocks
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    lol, its $500...

    you could lose it all this route as well...
  4. Thats how they make money.
  5. go away :-/
  6. ElCubano


    I would bet it on Basket ball games....you can find some gems and you can enjoy the games that much more and perhaps even winnnnnnn..
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    after you...

    the ponies as well... but im talking a one shot deal...
  8. There's always Vegas.
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    lol... what game??? roullette? craps? blackjack???
  10. Why are you so intent on throwing away the $500 ??
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