500 mustard and sarin gas shells found in iraq

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  2. Absolutely correct!!!!

    By the way what was the purpose of posting this message? :confused:

    It is a fact that Iraq had these killer gasses, and used it on Iranian forces and then on the Kurdish rebels. By the way, do you know which country supplied Iraq with those nerve agents?

    Another pathetic attempt by the bushie apologists :D :D :D
  3. us army war college concluded the iranians gassed the kurds. BTW
  4. So Saddam, the ogre, the terrible, the dangerous, the wicked and evil man.....had all this WMD, but decided not to use it against the invading US army, but chose rather to hide in a hole waiting to be captured.

    Ya, you betcha....
  5. That is entirely possible... and that does not mean that the army college is correct :D BTW, have they concluded that Saddam had nuclear weapons?

    I am just going by what I deem correct information. "The most categorical proof is the many further well-documented incidents of deliberate attacks on Kurdish civilians occurring at the same time throughout Kurdish northern Iraq also perpetrated without doubt by Iraqi forces during the Al-Anfal Campaign. Joost Hiltermann, who was the principal researcher for the Human Rights Watch between 1992-1994, conducted a 2 year study, including a field investigation in northern Iraq, capturing Iraqi government documents in the process. This research culminated in Iraq's Crime of Genocide: The Anfal Campaign Against the Kurds (by G. Black, Yale Univ. Press, 1995). According to Hiltermann, the literature on the Iran-Iraq war reflects a number of allegations of CW use by Iran, but these are "marred by a lack of specificity as to time and place, and the failure to provide any sort of evidence". (Potter, p.153) He calls these allegations "mere assertions" and adds: "no persuasive evidence of the claim that Iran was the primary culprit was ever presented".(Potter, p.156)", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halabja_poison_gas_attack
    They are not infallible, but usually is a great reference.

    Another notable reference is http://www.casi.org.uk/info/usdocs/usiraq80s90s.html . Shows how involved the US, Germany and the other western nations were in Iraq's chemical weapon program. Now all of a sudden, we have bushie apologists trying to justify the current war in Iraq... shameless :mad:
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    That is the best you can do to the proof that it has been the democrats lying all along and not the neocons. You dissapoint me.
  7. You are mental dude....

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    So much for the reality based community. Now they think we're crazy for believing our own eyes.
  9. Combs: It's Alan Colmes. Senator, the Iraq Survey Group, uhh, let me go to the Duelfer Report-says Iraq did not have the weapons our intelligence believed were there. And Jim Angle who reported this for Fox News-quotes a defense official who says these were pre-1991 weapons that could not have been fired as designed because they already been degraded.

    And the official went on to say that they are-these are not the WMD's this country and the rest of the world believed Iraq had-and not the WMD's for which this country went to war. So the chest beating that the Republicans are doing tonight thinking this is a justification is not confirmed by the defense department.

    Santorum: Well, ahh, I'd like to know who that is. The fact of the matter is I'll wait and see what the actual Defense Department formally says or more importantly what the administration formally says. This report...


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    Heh, we could find a thousand ICBMs ready to launch with targets in the USA and the left would still be screaming about how we never should have invaded and Bush lied.

    To the moonbats, it's not about Iraq, the WoT, freedom and democracy and the safety of the USA but about getting back in power. That's why they call terrorist thugs "freedom fighters" and "minutemen", while our troops are "baby-killers" and "terrorists". Bush is Hitler, and we only invaded to take their oil (just like Kuwait). Gitmo is a horrible gulag, and putting panties on a prisoner's head is just like sawing his nuts off and putting them in his mouth.

    That's why good news for the USA and Iraq is always bad news for democrats and terrorists. And visa-versa, bad news for us is good news for them. At this point the left is so far into the corner that admitting that Saddam really was a threat will be devastating. So count on a smoke & mirrors effort from them to rise to new levels of deviousness.

    I can't wait for Murtha to go on the weekend shows and say "Well, now that we found the nonexistant WMDs, we can leave." BTW in case you missed it, <A href="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71381">Murtha has a real plan</a>.

    They are fighting for their political survival and it promises to be entertaining to watch. While we've already seen some swell hysterics from them and it seems pretty hard to believe they'll be able to top that, they will.
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