500%+ in one year on autopilot - call for beta testers!

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  1. I figured running my year-long journal at http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/from-zero-to-hero-in-a-years-time.298779/ would be not as exciting and even somewhat selfish if I remain the only one to trade. So here's the deal:

    1. You open a live account with any MetaTrader4 Forex broker of your choice. You need to have 1000 or more of your account balance but you can have it in any currency of your choice. So you can use some cheap funding currency or a cent account if you don't have much money to experiment with. With a cent account, you will only need 10 bucks (=1000 cent) to start. Once the account is set up and funded, you link it to MyFXBook and post the link here to show you have the account set up and ready for trading. The other forum members will be able to follow your trading progress at this link.

    2. I give you a compiled file with my bot for you to set up and run live on your account. You can run it 24/5 from either you home computer (at no extra cost) or get a VPS with a VPS provider of your choice (which will cost you around 10 bucks per month). I will create a private thread on this forum for those who have set up trading accounts and posted their MyFXBook links here and share the bot's file in that private thread. You have one month to sign up as a beta tester in this thread. I might limit the number of beta testers after I feel we have enough, so the sooner you volunteer, the better.

    If you have questions (from the start or at any point along the way), post them here. You can expect a response from me within 24 hours every time.
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    So this going to be an ongoing FREE advertisement for you for a year? Where is the value for the members or are you going to share how some of the signals work?
  3. You get to keep my bot and profit with it. Not enough of a reward?

    Also, if we are that successful, how will my glory harm you?
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    This forum except for vendors that pay the site so much to advertise, is not allowed, am sure during and after your "so called beta testing" you be selling it somewhere. Baron I am sure pays bucks to keep site going between equipment and hours to keep site virus free. There is nothing free in life. And I certainly not interested to be your experiment account.

    It is a clever advertisement, but that all it is an advertisement. Before we know it, the site will be filled with vendors doing what you are doing.
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  5. There won't be any payment requests at any point. If a strategy is ultra-profitable, the money's in the trading, not selling, and if it isn't, why would one even want to buy it?
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    So in other words, you don't have any money to fund this trading system and you want others to use their money to fund your experiment. They have no idea of what signals are generated and are going on faith of it not losing all their money. They be going to church each day to lite candles that their accounts don't become dead.
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  7. In other words, I have enough money to fund this system, as described here: http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/from-zero-to-hero-in-a-years-time.298779/

    I want to have it tested across multiple MetaTrader4 brokerages from different locations to see which one is best for it and what tech issues might arise in the process.

    Yes, leveraged trading is a highly speculative activity and I am not in the business of issuing guarantees. Beta testers must be willing to allocate their risk capital to the test - not their bread money. To make this available to a wider range of people, I have suggested going with cent accounts if they don't want to risk more than 10 bucks. Those who can't afford even that, should refrain from any trading by all means anyway.
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    I see it as open advertisement.
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  9. Advertisement of a free bot? Then it is.
  10. I see it as something fun to do... what's with all the hissing/boos?
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