$500 Billion Company Expanding

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  1. Anyone looking for a job in Northern NJ? This firm is expanding in the Northern NJ area and has to do with financial sales, either part time or full time and is a commission paying job. Must be 25 years of age and self motivated. If interested , reply asap.
  2. $500 billion company? Is that in Monopoly or Confederate money?

    Pretty low-end job skills required. You might be competing with Burger king...
  3. I guess you know everything, thats why your replying huh?
  4. Know enough to smell scam when an anonymous person posts an anonymous job about an anonymous company. A $500 billion dollar company that needs to rely on a free classified ad on a forum??? :D

    Thes kind of opportunities are usually trying to push hard to sell things like cold-calling for brokers, insurance or other stuff from a company-provided "list". And it is a tough way to learn how NOT to make a living.

    Why doesn't this $500 billion company pay the sponsorship fee and show you are legitimate??? Is your $500 billion company also posting listings on craigslist??? I found your product catalog: