500 applicants for $13/hr job

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  1. "She dropped significantly overqualified candidates right away, reasoning that they would leave when the economy improved. Among them was a former I.B.M. business analyst with 18 years experience; a former director of human resources; and someone with a master’s degree and 12 years at Deloitte & Touche, the accounting firm"

    Now I gotta say...I would fire one who is doing the hiring! What does this HR manager think? That receptionists normally stay with a company for 20 years? They dont! They stay for a few years at best and move on. The economy isnt going to pick up for a few years and she would be wise to hire some of these smart people that might actually help the business grow with their previous skills.

    I mean what are they afraid of? That the overqualified might quit and she might actually have to spend ANOTHER 20 minutes posting a help wanted sign online? That the person training the new receptionist might have to retrain a new person that will take all of 20 minutes. (how hard is it to answer a phone and file paperwork?

    Maybe one of these overqualified people could take her job.
  2. A former IBM'er or someone with a Master's wouldn't last 2 weeks at a place like CR England. Believe me, you have no idea what this person is going to be exposed to on a daily basis dealing with truck driving students. It makes Jerry Springer look tame I tell you. Never drive next to an 18 wheeler from one of these OTR carriers. The guy behind the wheel is without a doubt a certified lunatic with barely enough IQ to fill out an app with assistance and the mental stability of Charles Manson.
  3. So, a 10 USD offer would have been accepted as well ? :confused:
  4. why $13/hr? extremely high for Indiana

    Waste of money
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    So the cute blonde got hired over the guy with the masters degree and 12 years of experience at a leading accounting firm? Figures. :p
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    I maybe wrong but I think she's Stacey Ross, C. R. England’s head of corporate recruiting.
  7. I applied for a tech support job in dallas.. very specialized skills. was not expecting too much competition.. there was 60 resumes.. 8 qualified.. I was among the 8.. I was called and grilled by several rounds of consultants/managers/HR folks for alteast 4-5 hours.. I thought I would land it.. nope... 1/8 odds were too much..

    my skills were almost perfect fit... but looks like someone had better skills than me..

    very frustating. job searches have become.!
  8. Sad thing:(
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    I know an American guy who recently got laid off from a IT position due one of the Indian junior managers there pushing to bring in his buddy(H1b)
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