50" TV/Monitor FYI

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dholliday, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. dholliday


    I just bought a new 50" ONN 4k Roku TV from Walmart for $218 and it is a shockingly good monitor. This replaces a JVC 49" 4k TV that I had to adjust many settings, for it to work just so-so as a monitor, and died a premature death.

    This ONN TV has a very easy setup, that when complete does not require any setting changes to get a perfect setup for use with a computer (the setup asks you what you will connect to each of the three HDMI inputs).

    I also have a 39" and 42" Seiki so moving up to a 50" was no problem. They both work great as a monitor.
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  2. Turveyd


    50" about 6ft away would save me from wearing reading glasses, tempted!! :)
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    Turveyd, I know you know this but for others, a 50" 4K monitor is like four 24" monitors.
    The advantage over four monitors is cost. Any APU in recent years can power a 4K monitor, so no need for a graphics card let alone an expensive one.
    The advantage of four monitors is you can angle them to face you better.
    I am a programmer so screen realestate is king.
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