50 Trading / Investing Books - Make Offer

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  1. I'd prefer to sell these in a large group if possible. Most have a heavy emphasis on trading psychology and were purchases over the last 5 years.

    Make an offer on the whole lot, or a preferred few.

    Buyer will pay shipping or I may be able to deliver. I am located in Southern Ontario, Canada, shipping to Western New York may be available as well.

    Author Title Type
    adrienne laris toghraie dear coach- potty training for traders, brokers book
    adrienne laris toghraie traders secrets book
    adrienne laris toghraie six steps to great, greater, greatest success dvd
    adrienne laris toghraie a business plan for traders and investors dvd
    adrienne laris toghraie winning edge 2 book
    adrienne laris toghraie winning edge 3 book
    adrienne laris toghraie winning edge 4 book
    alexander lipton mathematical methods for foreign exchange book
    andrew w lo the herectics of finance book
    anthony gallea contrarian investing - foreword by jim rogers book
    ari kiev psychology of risk book
    art collins beating the financial futures market book
    charles faulkner NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) book
    charles mackay
    memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions and the
    madness of crowds Vol II book
    chuck frank secrets of the world cup advisors book
    curtis faith way of the turtle book
    doug henwood after the new economy book
    Ed Seykota Trading Tribe book
    edmund mennis how the economy works - 2nd edition book
    edwin lefevre reminiscences of a stock operator book
    guy kawasaki reality check book
    hank pruden three skills of top trading book
    hildy richelson bonds - the unbeaten path to secure investment growth book
    jack schwager the new market wizards book
    jack schwager stock market wizards book
    james altucher trade like a hedge fund book
    jason zweig your money and your brain book
    jim rogers adventure capitalist book
    joel greenblatt the little book that beats the market book
    john boik lessons from the greatest stock traders of all time book
    john dalton how the stock market works book
    john train the money masters book
    ken fisher the only three questions that count book
    kendrick brown trend trading book
    kenneth grant trading risk book
    lawrence mcmillan options as a strategic investment book
    lawrence mcmillan profit with options book
    martin mayer the fed book
    martin pring trading systems explained book
    nick leeson back from the brink - coping with stress book
    nicolas darvas wall street- the other las vegas book
    nicolas darvas how I made $ 2 million in the stock market book
    psychology of trading russell wasendorf, sr book
    rickey cheung the trading edge book
    robert pardo design testing and optimization of trading systems book
    ruth barrons roosevelt 12 habitudes of highly successful traders book
    ruth barrons roosevelt exceptional trading the mind game book
    ryan jones trading game book
    thomas r demark new market timing techniques book
    william bonner mobs messiahs and markets book
  2. Is that what you learned after reading 50 trading/investing books...selling them all together ?
  3. I'm too lazy to register on Amazon and do it properly.
  4. how about $50?
  5. Retail value is approx $1500. I'm thinking 10% of that.
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    This must be a basket of books trade!
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    After reading all those books and becoming an expert trader, $150 should be chump change for you; not worth the effort to advertise, deal with inquires, and pack the books up and ship them. Unless of course reading fifty gazillion books about trading didn't work...
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    You may want to consider donating them to a library or college and taking a tax deduction for them. You should be able to get a net benefit of more than $150 that way. Just keep a list of them (only needed if audited) and estimate a value for each. IMO that would be much easier than selling them unless you can sell them locally. If you live in larger city then I'd try posting them on Craigslist. If you donate them do it before the end of the month for this year's taxes. Good luck.
  9. Well, if the right person came along, I would consider donating them. They are sitting in the basement. They aren't required now, but I would say when I read them, there was useful information gained.

    Anyone in GTA, Hamilton, Buffalo interested, PM me.
  10. I think it's hilarious that you wrote book after each one of them sentence

    5yr salutation
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