50 pts in the ES

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  1. Hi,

    I read somewhere on ET that you should try to make 100pt on 1 ES contract to come of age as a trader.

    I'm going to aim for 50 by 3 months.
    Commissions are 0.12pt/rt

    Just doing this to keep me honest.

    S @ 1047.75
    C @ 1045.75

    +2 pt (exit on 6000 vol)

    48 to go
  2. observation 1444

    high vol puke - wait 2-4 min for improved entry on rebound. Good sign if another big vol bar shows up
  3. L @ 1045.75
  4. C @ 1045 -0.75pt
    S @ 1045
  5. Someone who trades to impress is a fool.
  6. ... at 1043.75

    blast! should have used a market order when I got the right volume (4000)
  7. dbphoenix


    Careful. There are several journal writers who will come after you for that . . . :p
  8. ... is instructive. Should have taken my exit signal right away. Hanging around for a better fill is not wise.

    2 pts against me now and counting.

    Apologies if I sounded like I was trying to impress. Just setting some goals for the sake of setting goals.

    Not important to me who reads this.

    Actually, I find that I trade differently with a journal.... will take some getting used to.
  9. LOL...my journal is anything but impressive :D

  10. Do you have a stop?
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