50 Point Rate Cut!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bobcathy1, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. bobcathy1

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    50 points.....atta boy greenie!!!!!!:D
  2. bro59


    Allowing this after stating, "There is already a significant amount of stimulus in the pipeline."

    Makes me wonder just how nervous the boys upstairs are about the state of the economy.
  3. Ditch


    .... we're coming to join you.
  4. Well the feds hands are pretty much tied. Whether 25 now, 25 later, the results will be the same........

    Can you see Japan on the horizon yet??
  5. bobcathy1

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    Now the market is hesitating......was that good, or was that bad?
    It stinks for banks, savings and such. Someone on CNBC said they did it to get people not to be in MM but back in equities......that is probably about it.:mad:
  6. So what am I going to make at my bank's saving account? .03%?
  7. They'll repo that glass and flatware set they handed out in the '70's

    Now, in order to open a savings account YOU will have to bring them a clock :D
  8. Don't you have to have money in there first?
  9. bobcathy1

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    pretty soon they will CHARGE us interest on a savings account.......sheesssshhhh
  10. all things considered - im gonna pay off my mortgage. im near 6% - 15 years - have less than 14 remaining... i know some will consider this the height of stupidity, but i dont care... business is great, im saving money and along with the comfort of being essentially debt free (income props are cash flowing), i believe i'd like to enter 2003 "debt free."
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