50% of Americans don't believe in God?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fanews, May 15, 2011.

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    You have offended and pissed off the Gods, and you peon low life humans will have to be punished. You Dam God foreshaken humans and demons and witches and evil souls will know who is the boss. The Gods will have their revenge for your sins and disrespect to the will of the Gods. Bow down to the God's or die!

    Wall Street is the deivl's playground devil's business.
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    That means 50% Americans believe in God. Not bad. The 50% non-believers will be severly punsihed for betraying God and using the natural resources provided by God for human survival. These 50% Americans are trying to dethrone God. They are biting the hand that feeds them.
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    but there is a bunch that believe in God and spend their lives poking their finger in HisHer eye and blaming HimHer... not a good thing to do, stupid really.. they should slow down and find out what the actual program is, then they will love HimHer... and they will be with the program and all blessed even maybe...
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    I think it's the democrats that don't believe in God. :D
  5. In case you have forgotten it is supposedly god's will man was granted"dominion" over animals.
    Thats right folks......deforestation, capitalism, greed, wasted natural resources are........wait for it, wait for it.....Christians fault.
  6. Saw a poll recently where it said only about 15% of people do not believe in God.

    Perhaps it's because my education is in science.... where things are not taken on faith... that I've come to believe that all religion is hokum. In my view religion is man's way of coping with his insignificance and the notion/fact that when you die, there is nothing beyond.

    I have a cousin who was VERY religious his entire life... at one point was within a few months of becoming ordained as a Catholic priest. He says, "One day I woke up and realized it was all bullshit!"

    (Not looking to start an argument or flame war...)
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    Is it just me or does this sound like the rant of an ancient city-state's King?

    I mean the only difference is the deity deserving of our bow is no longer Zeus, or Thor, or Isis, or Jupiter, or Quetzalcoatl...