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    With the Bootcamp you get:

    • 4 month scheduled training course
    • Weekly 45 minute mentorship sessions
    • Access to our entire Education and Webinar portfolio
    • Take the Gauntlet™ challenge to finish your course and get funded (Gauntlet™ included in Bootcamp price)

    Enroll in Earn2Trade's Bootcamp for 50% less! Only until the end of April.

    Promo code: adrbc50

    Details and registration here

    Hope to see you soon!
  2. destriero


    100% from here and it's a solid value.
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  3. RedDuke


    "Reach a 10% profit target by the end of The Gauntlet" - 60 days.

    With such rate a newbie will reach 60% per anum, sure easy :)
  4. Earn2Trade

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    We're not advertising that the Gauntlet is easy, but we are confident that 10% in 60 days is achievable. The pass rate of the Gauntlet as of January 2019 is 21%. We believe that with the Bootcamp we can help increase that percentile.
  5. RedDuke



    I know you are a sponsor here, but do you realize how unrealistic this is???? yes, on any given 60 day stretch anyone can hit 10%. What is average return over 2 years for example?
  6. Peter10


    Hi Ryan, do you have any discount for the Gauntlet?
  7. Earn2Trade

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    We agree, that a longer period is more indicative of a trader's overall performance. It is after all a long form game, if you want to trade for a living. However, there needs to be some sort of evaluation mechanism that shows the abilities of a trader, without asking them to commit to virtual trading for years, before they receive their opportunity. 60 days is where we arrived with Helios, the prop firm which is our first partner. We are in fact working on longer Gauntlet™ at the moment.

    If you have a long enough trading history that you can show to Helios, do contact them and they might take you on. If you don't have that however, for lack of funds that you could have traded with, the Gauntlet™ is a good solution.

    It is also worth mentioning, that the prop firm can increase the account the trader is working with, depending on the trader's performance and consistency over time.
  8. Earn2Trade

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    Hi! I'll step in here for Ryan for a moment. If you visit our site here and ask our customer support on chat, I'm sure they can help you out with something. :)
  9. RedDuke


    Makes sense. Good luck to you in your business. I went a different route, full automation and commodities only.
  10. Earn2Trade

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    Good luck to you as well!
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