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  1. come everyone ... with a group efort we can rip the uSDJPY above the 50 EMA

    or if you are selling just flip it wont hurt and it will be a huge 100 pips to the upside!!!

  2. Look ... there will even be a steeper channel to the upside as well once the 50 EMA is broke through

  3. Pierced the 50 EMA to the upside but all fizzle and no sizzle so far :mad:
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    usdoutlaw, this pair doesn't seem to interest me ta the moment, sorry I wont be joining the party!
  5. well you have that great EURGBP position so I don't balme you.

    But if you are not interested in making upwards to 100 pips then well I guess you are already independently wealthy and trade for fun
  6. Ok it seems that there is not steam in this USDJPY ... time to close longs.
  7. Well I've done my bit, I think the market moved a couple of pips....

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    The UK consumer still feeling the pinch, retail sales got clobbered, waiting for a 4hr close on EURGBP to see if I should bail out or leave it, 2 minutes to go...
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    EURGBP out of it 150 points.... at one point I was up 200 points thats the nature of the game one has to lose money in order to make money lol!!
  10. Hi all again,
    I have aposition in USD JPY as well. Same size (20k) and approach of my EURGBP (no intraday, Elliott Wave and support/resitance).
    From my perspective, there is a potential for a massive trend in the USDJPY, with 110 the bare minimum.
    From a time perspective, I am talking about months so it's more an asset allocation decision than a trading decision but overall the direction is up, and that in my opinion is the most impartant thing to know.
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