50/50? (not trading related)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. People say things are 50/50 a lot when there are only two possible outcomes, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's 50/50, right?

    For example, I'm watching Fear Factor (tv show) right now. It started off with like 5 contestants. There are only 2 contestants left (to perform stunts) and one of them said something like, "It's 50/50 now, between us."

    Is it really 50/50? I suppose you don't really know the true odds, so since you don't, do you just assume 50/50? I've always wondered when people say things are 50/50 because there are only 2 possible outcomes, if it's really 50/50.

    Also, if you wanted to try to determine the odds, how would you do it in a case like this?

    Someone explain this please.

  2. Pabst


    In a football game there are only two possible victors, however the money line might be $250/$100 depending on the relative strength. So the "chances" of the dog winning are clearly worse than 50/50.