50-100% 2007 target return possible with options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by a529612, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Position trading conservative front month ITM debit spread, ITM long options and some CC out of a 100k account. Is this doable using options or my target is unrealistic?
  2. Target is too low...
  3. MTE


  4. I don't think you can get 50%. CC's are too conservative and ITM options just don't pack enough "punch".

    Try ATM/OTM credit/debt spreads and long options.
  5. Not very easy. It will be hard to keep doing such a low return. Even picking entry and exits randomly using this strategy you will be able to get more than that.

    If you aim at that return per day, then YES it is doable.

    optioncoach can show you how.

  6. Yep you can do it.
  7. Oh yeah, piece of cake, follow Optionscoach. The same guy who risks $300k to make $4k.

    How about this? If you're REALLY good, you can do it. But selling OC's cracked spreads ain't gonna do it.

    This place is full of MORONS.
  8. Have you considered sedatives?
  9. sorry, NOT funny.

    try again moron.
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    actually it was hilarious.

    to respond to the thread starter's question, if I wanted to kick off an argument, not that I do :D, I would say something like...randomly sell otm and atm options. there is a natural positive expectency in doing so. 50 per a year is easy as such.
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