5 years and Just starting out..........

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by fxtrader121, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I have been trading the forex markets for the past 5 years with the first 3 years involved in the learning process, 4th year was spent on testing and demo trading and the past year – trading live. I have not blown any accounts but have had my fair share of losses and as the learning curve has gone up the losses have gone down. My current LIVE account is up 457% for 2010 with compounding and risk management being the 2 most important contributors towards this growth. I trade mini lots on the daily time frame and my account is with Alpari UK. I would like to increase the position size and the main reason for my post is that I would like to know from successful traders if Alpari UK is the right broker. There is so much on the internet about bucket shops and dishonest brokers that it almost seems that there is no broker out there who would be honest in their dealings. Is whatever that has been written about most brokers true or are these posts/articles from traders who have constantly lost money due to either lack of knowledge or not enough time spent on testing their systems.
  2. Use an ECN broker, like MBTrading.