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  1. anyone familiar with a program or an online service that allows you to search through a database for 5 year volume spikes on individual equities? i'm not necessarily talking about simple 5 year volume highs, but volume spikes in which i would be able to quantify the % of the spike against historical norms (i.e. searching for volume that is 50% greater than the average over a pre-defined time period).

    any insight and/or direction is greatly appreciated.

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  4. thanks for the response...

    i know excel has amazing capabilities, but i'm not familiar with how to create a screen that can do this.
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    i don't think that you will be able to find such service online. maybe something,where you have enter each ticker manually,but not run thru a list of stocks.
    what exactly do you need? PM me, if you need only list of stocks with dates of the volume spike, i can run such scan on my database and print them into text file sometimes over weekend.
  6. Try Stockfetcher.com. It's a text based TA stock screener that uses end-of-day data. The syntax is pretty easy to pick up and best of all, it's free, with ten day delayed data. In your five year time frame, the ten day delayed data should work fine. Subscriptions are $8.95 USD a month. I played around with the free stuff for about two years and then caved in and subscribed. It's been going well, no complaints.

    Good Luck
  7. thanks for the reply. i'm actually in the process of using stockfetcher right now, but i believe the data only goes back 2 years. i might still be able to make it work using that length, but i was hoping for 5 years of volume data.

  8. Try "ProfitSource" By the Hubb Corporation......www.profitsource.com. You can set-up a custom search for volume spikes. They provide you with 5_yrs of historical data.....It's a really nice piece of software.