5 types of testosterone boosting hormone foods for men

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  1. Indeed, but it also works both ways. You can be within the range and be very deficient. The ranges tend to include large populations of men who are elderly and/or sick and deficient and if you are at the bottom of the range you are just matching them. Not good, or something to think about anyway.

    Also, as an aside, but an absolutely critical aside, the important measurement to be looking at is FREE TESTOSTERONE not TOTAL TESTOSTERONE. If you test out at -eg.- 600 on a range of 250-1000, you have no idea whether that is good or bad without looking at the Free T range values. Unless the Testosterone is not bound to something else, it is NOT AVAILABLE . This is not to say that the Total T measurement is without value because you need to see whether you are producing T first and then see why it is or is not ending out at Free T. Could be that is converting to estrogen, could be that it is bound to shbg, etc. But in the end, you need to be seeing you Free T levels in the desired range- NOT TOTAL T.

    For a little more on this, I searched up a quick link which covers the basics. Not sayin I agree with everything, because I just did a quick eyeballing. But it starts ya down the road to the proper way to think about it and then you read something else, and pretty soon you are smart.

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    The limiting factor for me was low Vitamin D. (I live in a climate with lot’s of rain and overcast).
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  3. Yeh. Tell me about it. You begin to rust at a certain point.

    Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone not a vitamin but whatever) is another one like T in the sense that you can read a lot but you don't know what you have unless you get your level tested- PERIOD. It is the serum level that counts. Not that you ate some salmon this week so you must be okay. And because it is a fat soluble "vitamin" you will read all sorts of scary stuff about how if you take X amount it is toxic and too much. In reality, Vitamin D levels can be a real bitch to raise through supplements and you need magnesium and olive oil and like that to increase the absorption, then get tested and you have to hope that it raises it. And if a person is not informed on the difference between D2 and D3, then you can't get there from here as they say.

    It's also a little bit like the discussion about testost in the sense that you can look at ranges but you still have to decide what your goal is. If a person is in Canada and their goal is to be within the range for the normal Canadian population then why? Normal is not all that it is cracked up to be. Ironically though the Inuit/Eskomos/Aleuts/whatever have some massively high Vitamin D levels though, even though they are in the arctic. But they are eating fish/seal livers/ 24/7. Great Spirit be plenty smart.
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    Yes, I agree. Blood test’s are where it’s at.

    As for physical ‘rusting’ have you explored systematic detoxing, probiotics, charcoal, alkaline water, IV chelation therapy, IV vit C infusions, pemf, etc?

    As for mental ‘rusting’ usually it takes a significant life event to re-organize priorities or intentional entheogenic ceremonies designed for such.
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  5. Maybe you are searching among the branches for what appears only in the roots?

    - Rumi
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    The Tree of Life from the seed to the fruit shares the same beingness.

    The separation of the soil and the soul is about as real as the difference between U and I.

    The inner arts of meditation, reflection and contemplation reveal the same truths Rumi poetically describes.

    In the beginning and the end, Truth is Truth regardless of the path.
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    Are there any side effects to consider for these ? I have a friend who could use these products.
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    Probably not. I mean beside growing a second dick, I don't think so.
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    Excellent....the usual then I guess.
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