5 types of testosterone boosting hormone foods for men

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  1. Good article for seniors, I highly recommend seafood consumption as they raise your testosterone levels to great levels.
    If not, ask your pharmacist and ask for a Sildenafil.
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    Seasoning with lecithin and/or coriander is documented to mitigate the risks of cholesterol from this dietary choice. It’s also documented that poaching the eggs are much heathier than frying.

    If one were to experience hardening of the arteries, Chelation therapy is gaining ground against open heart surgery as a non-invasive alternative.

    As for seafood, shrimp have some of the highest chloresterol content, them and beef brains.
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    So here is one T booster on Amazon, $60 per month:

    It contains 10 mg Boron and 3g D-Aspartic Acid. Those are the only active ingredients T level wise. My Boron Chelate is $5/month and D-Aspartic Acid can be bought for $8/months.

    There, I just saved $47 for you guys...
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    Most of it yes, the 2 things I mentioned, no. This thread is about getting extra T boost from food (aka natural) and since I noted earlier, there is no such food. The closest that comes to it are a mineral and an amino acid.

    Your Andro shit is "an endogenous weak androgen steroid hormone", so I guess nothing natural about it. It isn't cheap either.
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  6. This thread and andro is like trying to make money from the market...you can do it the natural way by buying and investing in healthy stocks...or use leverage/andro/testosterone/options/plutonium.

    I'm not necessarily saying which way is better or more correct, but the option is yours.

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  7. Sounds like a (good) plan.
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    What do u mean by the risk of cholesterol? If you don't take enough every day, your hormone production will be adversely affected.

    In fact, eggs, that's a good one to boost testosterone naturally....eat loads of saturated fat.
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    Zinc deficiency seems to affect testosterone... Ergo eating leafy greens should get you to at least basal level.

    There's also that velvetine off deer antlers that allegedly works..... It's natural. Upon further reading, seems like the stuff is only useful in synthesized intravenous form.

    Cholesterol though, that's necessary for test production. I'm pretty certain it's the "bad" kind too.
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    What is the bad kind of cholesterol?
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