$5 Trillion Will Be Needed

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    You know I was really thinking about moving down to the US. You guys have a lot of good stuff down there. And the heat down south:cool: , very nice.
    Now... not so much
  2. Great post!

    This should start some truly intelligent discourse, hopefully.

    If 5 Trillion is what will be needed, I really fear the future.
  3. I've called for 4 trillion at the very least by the time this is all over!
  4. The problem with the "inflation economic model" is that it eventually accelerates.. parabolicly even.. until it's totally out of control.

    The national debt was about $5T when Bush took office.

    The new $700B bailout has necessitated raising the "debt ceiling [phony as it is]" to $11.3T.

    The credit crisis likely to find its way to $5T, in spite of what is claimed now.

    That's $16T.

    Baby Boomers retirement and medicare demands upon the social system are what? How many $Trillions?

    How will that be paid?

    Will the $USD be worth more than Charmin?

    What about our kids and grandkids?

    And neither NObama nor McCain have a plan nor a clue.
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    Jimmy Cahoots agrees.

    If ever a website had collected a bigger bunch or fucking idiot outsiders than ET, please tell the social scientists.

    How many idiotic fools can congregate in one place, metaphorically speaking?
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    /metaphorical speak
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    'And neither NObama nor McCain have a plan nor a clue.'

    There is a plan for $500B savings a year:

    Go the Russkie mode on defense. Keep the nukes alert and sharp and stop funds on anything else. Save $250B a year from defense. Keep a standing army and equiptment for next 5 years and do not spend anything on new toys and new invasions. Let AQ in Pak stay and decay there, no need to attack Pak to flush out AQ.

    Cut prison expenses from $45K per year per inmate to $15K/year plus 2 million of cheap labor at $1 per hour. China won't beat that!

    Cut medical costs by allowing foreign drugs which should cost less than 50% even after strict quality control. Send high cost surgeries to overseas.

    The US economic ship is so large that even now, if the government balances the budgets for next 5 years, the picture can turn bright once again.

    No need to panic! It seems US might be converted into a Financial Dictatorship with Politicians having lesser say and few financial power holders steering the real direction.

    M'fukcing Politicians Fuccckkkk it up everywhere........even in the US.
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    I like Obama's plan more than McCain. Only thing is he should not become too excited about free healthcare programs. Right now the objective is to cut spending and give the balance sheet some sense.
  9. 42 or 420...
    same shit
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