5 Things we can learn from China

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  1. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1938671-1,00.html

    On the evening of Nov. 15, President Barack Obama, the youthful leader of one of the world's youngest countries, begins his first visit to China, among the world's most ancient societies. Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, have much to discuss. Nukes in Iran and North Korea. China's surging military spending. Trade imbalances. Climate change.

    But the visit comes at an awkward moment for the U.S. China, despite its 5,000-year burden of history, has emerged as a dynamo of optimism, experimentation and growth. It has defied the global economic slump, and the sense that it's the world's ascendant power has never been stronger. The U.S., by contrast, seems suddenly older and frailer. America's national mood is still in a funk, its economy foundering, its red-vs.-blue politics as rancorous as ever. The U.S. may be one of the world's oldest capitalist countries and China one of the youngest, but you couldn't blame Obama if he leaned over to Hu at some point and asked, "What are you guys doing right?"

    Could the world's lone but weary superpower actually learn something from China? It's a politically incorrect question, of course. China is an authoritarian nation; its ruling Communist Party deals ruthlessly with any challenge to its hegemony. It remains, relatively speaking, a poor, developing country with huge problems to confront, massive corruption and environmental degradation being Nos. 1 and 1a. Still, this is a moment of humility for the U.S., and China is doing some important things right. If the U.S. were to ask the Chinese what it could learn from their example, it might gain some insight into what it's doing right and wrong. Here are five lessons from China's success story:....................
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    Long live American media - opinion first, facts... not at all.
  3. Nobody wants to do that because admitting we could learn something is like admitting we're inferior to them. In America it's a social error. We don't have to be like them, just learn from them. Like learning how to make a decent car for starters.

    I heard from a few people that came to here from Asia, that it's a matter of two different philosophy's. In America, whatever we build, we just want to use and play with right away. Just send it out, as is. That's the American way.
    Whereas in China/Japan, they want to keep improving and innovating products. Also, a lot of people in our country tend to be big mouths who enjoy carrying a big axe whether they deserve to or not. Typically that's not how it works in a lot of other countries.

    I'll admit though some stuff from China and India is just plain worthless, it hardly works and never lasts. heh

    It's hard to ever be happy.:p
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    # 6 most important thing not mentioned in this article as things we can learn from China is that Chinese women taste like sushi.
  5. Well at least they don't smell like a french fry vat or sweat butter like some females here. :p

    However, maybe it's just where I live, but the most obnoxious thing is seeing a daycare in every Chinese buffet I go to. Playpens and tinker toys everywhere wtf is that?