5 reasons why I am moving to Norway to pursue my trading career.

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  1. 1. The weather is cooler in Norway. There's none of this crap like in Chicago where it's so bloody hot that just walking across the parking lot from your car to the store causes you to be covered in sweat. 105 and humid? No thanks!

    2. Norway is the birthplace of black metal, and just a short trip to Finland, the metal capital of the world.

    3. Norway is 7 hours ahead of Chicago. I am not a morning person AT ALL. So that means that instead of the stock market opening at 8:30am, the US stock market will open at 3:30pm. So right when I'm good and awake and my brain is functioning, it will be time to trade. That's gonna be worth an extra 10% per year at least.

    4. Norwegian Elkhounds, the greatest dogs in the world.

    5. There are no black widows, no brown recluses, no scorpions, and no killer bees.

    This is going to rock :D
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    how much does it cost to live there? what's housing like?
  3. good luck
    i visited finland and sweden. very nice and friendly people.
    good food as well: gravd lax (marinated salmon with mustard dill sauce) is excellent
    be sure to come say hi if you're ever in mainland europe
  4. Yeah but your ping times to NYC and Chicago will be total crap. 150ms+, and the crap will get delivered over TCP from some of these retail feeds. Unless you colo and automate, you will be restricted to large time-frame trading.
  5. I have found the true reason for moving :


  6. Which are the ping times from California to Chicago?! ;)
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    I am from Norway, Oslo.

    Ask me any question you want!

    How did you hear about Norway anyhow?? I thought most people from america thought norway was the capitol of sweden! :p
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    Thats large time-frame? Most people don't do HF scalping.
    Anyway, I'm a bit further east and ping to interactivebrokers.com is around 120ms constantly.
  9. veggen


    I promise you it is possible to get fast enough ping to trade in most ways.

    Maybe not fast enough for most modern and fastest black boxes, but apart from that I would imagine no problem scalping for ticks or whatever you desire!
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